Living In Spain Series

“The Living In Spain Series” By David Wright

The living in Spain Series, is articles taken from David’s 2 books on Amazon and Kindle, These TitlesMoving to Spainand Finding work in Spain

Each month here posted below here and featured in the Coast 2 Coast magazine distributing from Murcia to Almeria including Camposol; Condado de Alhama; Hacienda del Alamo, Mojacar, Vera, Albox and Arboleas. you will get the best extracts from Davids 2 books that are packed with tips, links and advice on what its really like living and working in Spain. You will learn how and where to get papers, documents and help on most subjects related to moving to Spain and working in Spain. Learn how and where the Spanish go to get things done faster and cheaper to save you time, money and stress.

Who is David Wright?

David is an English guy who has lived and worked in Spain for over 18 years and now has a Spanish wife. David has recently appeared as a local expert guest on channel 4s popular tv show “A Place in The Sun”. He has been interviewed live on the BBC news. He has also been A Costa de sol radio guest and on Apple and Spotify podcast shows.

David has bought and sold several properties and land in Spain and has run 2 businesses here renovating properties all over the south coast of Spain for both British and Spanish clients, as well as a few other nationalities. David retired early 3 years ago at the age of 57 to plan and build single handily his new 4 bedroom house in Almeria.

Now working most days on his house build he still makes time to share info on all aspects of life in Spain on his blog and facebook groups, encouraging and helping others to follow their dreams of a better way of life in sunny Spain.

The bureaucracy in Spain can make it difficult, slow and stressful to do even the simplest of tasks but David has some great tips on how and where to get things done faster and easier here. In these articles David will share his personal contacts and links to websites, places and people that have helped him and could be helpful to you. 

Over these years David has made some very influential friends that have provided him with valuable information in both the building trades here and local government offices employees, members of the council and top government officials including the Honorary British consulate.

Spain is an amazing country to live and still attracts British who are looking for a better way of life. Spain has so much to offer those who try to immerse themselves into is culture and language but with the many new requirements and restrictions here it can sometimes be hard for Expats who want to move here or for those who are already living here. So these articles will provide you monthly with valuable up to date info, tips and advice from top sources on all aspects of living and working in Spain.

Davids Books on Amazon and Kindle

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