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Voting in Spains local elections. Yes you can read here

Voting in Spanish Local Elections

Who can vote?

Spanish nationals are automatically added to the voters’ Roll when they register in the Municipal Register (Padrón). All other eligible nationalities must register separately as well as being on the Padrón.
European Union citizens who are on the Padrón can register to vote regardless of their residential status. There are 10 other countries which have reciprocal agreements with Spain allowing their citizens to participate and stand in local municipal elections including Norway and the United Kingdom. However, as well as being on the Padrón, they need to be legal residents in Spain for at least 3 years and must also register their desire to participate in the local elections.

Election Day

It is important to understand that in Spain we do not vote for individuals but for Party lists and the number of seats granted to each party depends on the total number of votes for the party based on a rather complicated structure called the D’Hondt system. It is not possible for independent individuals to stand in local elections unless they are incorporated into a presented party list.
What does this mean in practice? When you go to the polling station on Election day, you will be presented with lists for all the presenting parties. In Mijas, for example, there are 10 parties presenting so there will be a lot of ballot papers in the booth. You have to select the party list and pop it into the envelope. These papers must not be marked in any way or they will become invalid.
So, if you want to support an individual, you have to choose the list they are on, and hope that the party receives sufficient votes for them to gain their seat depending what number they are on the list.


Unlike in some countries, there are no “voting papers” which need to be presented at the ballot tables. People may receive notification by post of their polling station, but these are for information only and are not required in order to vote. After selecting the party list and putting it in the envelope, you go to the table indicated by the first letter of your surname and you must present a photo ID. The electoral register is organised by name and NIE number, so the document presented should have both on it as well as a photo. A Spanish driving licence, for example, is sufficient. For UK residents in Spain, a TIE card is also sufficient. If you don’t have a Spanish Driving Licence but have a green residency certificate, which also has your NIE number, it must be presented along with a passport. An NIE certificate and passport should also be sufficient.
You name will be checked off the list and the ballot box will be made available for you to pop the envelope into. need help Ask for John

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