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How and where to Find work in Spain 2023

It is possible to find work in Spain and after 20 years working here I have set up this page to show you what options there are now and how and where to find work in Spain.

What papers you need to work in Spain.

There are now 3 main visas that you could go for but also if you have the NLV then after 12 months you can now work here on this visa. also there is the Golden visa sometimes called the entrepreneur visa option see here.. GOLDEN VISA


If you are willing to set up your own company in Spain and your project is innovative and technological, this residence permit is for you.


This visa is for those non-EU citizens who have received a job offer as a manager or in another high-salary position in Spain.


For those who have found a regular job offer in Spain that considers the national situation of unemployment.

Do you want to live and work in Spain? Then you need to get your work visa. But you have different options in that sense. There are four different ways through which you can apply for the work permit in Spain. 

  • First of all, the two visas that fall under the entrepreneur law (which you can apply to once inside Spain): the entrepreneur visa and the highly skilled visa. 
  • The regular work permit, in the case in which you would like to start your own company (por cuenta propia) or to work for a company in Spain (por cuenta ajena). In both cases, you need to start the application procedure from your origin country. 
  • You can also get your residence and work authorization being the family member of a European Union citizen

Either you are a Non-EU citizen or an EU citizen, the different work permit requirements and the process to get the Spanish work permit will depend on the path you choose:

The NEW Nomad Visa

working from home.. Heres how it works Click here

Working in Spain on the None Lucrative Visa

One of my members whos found work in Spain

Where to Find work in Spain

Think about your clients and customers and are you going to an area where there is work or there will be clients for what you are offering . Maybe you need to be in a big town to start with to find work and jobs in Spain then maybe move to an area that suits you best.

On my podcast i talk all about finding work in Spain see here.

Links to where the Spanish look for work in Spain

Just use google translate if you dont understand the links.

Need an expert to help you get work in Spain and advise you best?

See our new Experts help page here..

20 years of tips and advice on How and where to Find work in Spain

Amazon and kindle. now you will have a head start on the rest

LIVE Radio show chat advice and great music living and working in Spain its

THE WRIGHT WAY With David Wright

Listen in and comment live from anywhere in the world with this link.

Living and working in Spain podcast

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