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Administrative services/ Translations



We are forward-thinking digital agency who can help your business grow online and be successful beyond expectations. Business-minded and focused on your success – mimibibi is a creative duo who is up for any digital challenge. Setting up your business website, running a blog, dealing with social media is an overwhelming, never-ending struggle. We are here to take these problems of off you and provide you with the most suitable solutions at affordable price.

Contact details: 643 450 602 (Spain) 7555 952608 (UK) info@mimibibi.es


My name is Raphaela Wiss and I am a certified English-Spanish translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am backed by over 12 years of experience, working both with private individuals and major international organizations. I am committed to high standards, provide prompt responses and never miss a deadline.

Get Your discount

10% up to 4 pages that need to be translated. 20% from 5 pages discount to members of the expats group only if you mention this page.

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Raphaela-Wiss-Translations-104564884970859/ Email: rafaelawiss@gmail.com Telephone: 656537134

PC help

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

https://remotesupport.es/ Fixed price 25EURO. No fix = No fee.


  1. Hi to all the expats out there! If you are already here, welcome! If not, I send you lots of strength and patience. The paperwork gets a bit frustrating sometimes but it’s totally worth it.
    I have lived in Spain for many years and would be happy to help anyone who needs me. I am not only talking about my translation service but in general.


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