Discount Electric For Expats in Spain

See my proof on my bill below..

Feb 2023

My latest bill was 71 euros for the month, Its all gone up now but still 71 for my house and pool i am happy.

Cheapest Electric in Spain with  Gana Energía.. tell them this code 64512Vh0t and get your 25€ off your bill.. Call this number 900 53 56 89 or pm me and i get them to call you.

they then give you a code so you can get more discounts.

Below is my bills for last 2 months. that work out at around less than 2euros. euros a day

Those that follow my posts know i have just built a new 4 bed house with a pool. HERE ,the house is 435 sm with under ground garage and workshops. i have power tools going all day. I have contracted 5kwh of power thats not basic either. You may need less than that. Its very easy to change.

Use the number and code above and we both get discount and when you are with them you can earn when you recommend some one. “Win Win” we all need all the help we can get right now….

below my latest bill this month, it goes up and down each month but stays around this as you can see. i have a large 4 bedroom house with pool and workshops and gym and i pay 1 euro a day for my electric

Important note

Tell them you want variable account Not fixed or you will pay a government tax for changing of 40 euros. Go for variable account they take that off.

Below i can see my bill daily online and its around 1.80 a day.. now thats cheap.

Below my latest bill for 1 month and this is when i had the pool pump going and most of my power tolls running daily in my workshop. my workshop is 200 sm so not some shed..

Get them to quote you now and see what you could save…

CALL THEM HERE ..tell them this code 64512Vh0t and get your 10€ off your bill..

Call this number 900 53 56 89

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