David’s Big Party

Saturday June the 25th. Party day

Date set now.

Many of my members and online friends have helped and supported me over the years with my sites and groups so i wanted to meet these people face to face and this is how…

As many of you know I have 4 books out on Amazon and Kindle that are packed with my personal 19 years of experiences, tips and advice on living and working in Spain.

Moving to Spain

Finding work in Spain

Building a dream house in Spain

Tapas in Spain

I didn’t write them to get rich as I have set the costs as low as possible to cover publishing expenses and even made them FREE to download on some devices.

If anyone buys any of the books and gives it a nice review on Amazon after, they are automatically put on the party list that is now on for June.

Its also going to be a house warming as I should have finished the house build here by then, fingers crossed.

All my admin team will automatically be invited and there will also be a competition for 1 couple to win a place in the coming weeks even if they haven’t bought a book. look out for it.

Party starts at mid day with an open bar with food and drinks all day and into the night and the pool and pool bar will be open to use all day and into the night. I am arranging some live music and we have some of my salsa dancing friends and teachers coming so loads to see and do.

Not bought and reviewed the book yet ? do it now.

see all my books below. that takes you to my site then click the book you like..

See all the house build videos here

moving to Spain books
move to spain books that have all the papers and visa information on living and working in Spain.

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