David’s 100 a day “press up” challenge

Start 1st November who’s in with me?

Cancer research uk have this challenge on now in the UK and you can join it here.

I did try and join but its not for people living in Spain. SO..

If in Spain then join me and lets do it for ourselves to try and get motivated to being a little healthier.

Heres my idea…

See how many you can do in a day every day for 1 month.

Goal is 100 a day every day but go at your own pace and see how many you can do each day.

I will post in the group every day and you comment how many you have done.

Post how many you can do straight off without stopping then that days total amount of press ups and lets see how we improve each day.

Post your age and how many you did without stopping then a days total. its will help motivate you to at least try a few and follow others.

come on give it a go. How many can you do?

We are all adults here and not stupid so if your not sure if you should try this ask a doctor.

David’s thoughts on it.

I was a full time karate instructor many years ago and know that your body needs some recovery time to grow but this is just a bit of fun and way to get you motivated to doing regular exercise daily and that will help get you fit.

You will gain muscle and get fitter doing this but after the challenge make a programme that suits your body type. with some rest time days to get the best results.