About David Page

David Charles Wright

moving-to-spain in 2022

English guy now living and working in Spain over 21 years.

Married to Llani a local Spanish girl.

David is providing information tips and advice on Living and working in Spain.

David has run 3 different businesses here in Spain and bought and sold several properties here and just build his own 4 bedroom house and pool almost singlehandedly that he designed himself. see here

David has a live radio show ” The Wright Way” 2 days a week on Almeria radio and 5 books on Amazon and kindle packed with info on living and working in Spain.

David has been a guest on the BBC News channel “See Here” and an expert guest on “A place in the sun” Tv programme. Watch here

David is a blogger, youtuber and mentor.

Davids New Membership website helps members get the info and help they need if living in Spain or thinking of moving to Spain.

David writes for a local magazine each month and is often a guest on other local radio shows.

David has been friends with Alejandro Who is a tax and residencia expert here and also the Honorary British consulate and provides David with the latest news and updates that David passes onto his followers.

When David lived in Brighton in the UK he was a carpenter and builder and last few years in the UK he was maintenance foreman on Brighton pier running a team work trades men.

Fed up with the British weather David researched Spain a lot and took the leap and has never looked back since.

David’s Hobbies past and present.

David was a full time Karate instructor in Brighton for several years running his own Karate school.

David also holds several belts in judo and Aikido.

David was trained in rifle and pistol shooting and has qualifications in loading ammo and taken courses in hand gun training in the usa and uk including full automatic rifles.

Qualified in rock climbing as first leader and has climbed the highest mountain in Spain.

David has also qualified as a BSAC club scuba diver and taken training in deep water diving and mixed gases.

David has a pilot licence for paragliders and was into none powered gliders and has been skydiving and kite boarding and was a surfer many years ago.

3 years salsa dancing classes and now loves to ride his motorbike in the warm sun here in Spain.