Dentists in Spain costs

Today i had a visit to my new local dentists.

I have changed my dentist here now i have moved and this is what it costs me.

Last week i had a check up and clean with the hygienist this took about 1 hour. total cost 55 euros.

Today i had a filling replaced that cost 55 euros and as a new customer i had to have an x-ray of my teeth that cost 20 euros.

ALL private.

I use to go to local dentist that was recommended by doctors thats included in most part with my social security care here but it was an older practice and packed with people and i had to wait several weeks for appointment.

Now i have been going private for a few years and its not expensive. and appointments within a few days. Extremely new and clean nobody there but me and 1 other person.

No idea what it costs in the uk now but i do remember i payed way more than that last time i was there 20 years ago.

What do you pay here and is it cheaper than the uk ?

New members site packed with info help and benefits for people living in Spain and those wanting to move to spain see here

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  1. Just as a follow up. I go to a private dentist up here in Asturias. Two weeks ago I had root canal and a filling in another tooth. This involved two visits. Then I had a 3rd visit as he wanted to check root canal was all ok. Total cost €150.


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