Our “NEW” Membership site

What it is and why you should join us.

If you are reading this post then you are interested in Spain or your thinking of moving here in the future or maybe your already living in Spain now.

For 20 years now i have been sharing my tips and advice on living and working in Spain.

I have been on several TV programs and a guest on the BBC News as well as several radio shows and podcasts shows as an expert guest.

My 5 books on Amazon and kindle also are packed with info and advice on living and working in Spain.

Facebook is where i started out and it has now started penalising me for posting links to my own sites or away from Facebook. It mutes my posts or hides them or just slows down my news feed.

I have created a new Membership site that is to help provide all my info in 1 place for people who are interested in whats really going on here and how to find solutions to the problems they may have.

I have several very top experts that are also onboard with me that offer their services to my new followers for free to start with.

We have a growing new community of people that help inspire and inform our members.

NO NEGATIVE PEOPLE we just have a zero tolerance on negativity.

See what my new members are saying here

Yes you have to pay.

For just 5 euros you can become a member and access all the info , mentoring and help as well as free Spanish lessons and so much more.

Just think what 5 euros can buy you now a days and you will see that i am offering amazing value and help for such a same amount that just goes towards my expenses.

If you really are interested in Spain and what all the info and expert help and advice all in 1 place with my personal mentoring and guidance then please take a second to have a look at all the other great benefits I am offering on our new membership site.

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