Security windows in Spain

Where i live in Retamar Almeria its very safe but there is break ins all over Spain so i wanted to be as safe as possible here without feeling like we were living in a prison and the security grills i feel are ugly looking and make you feel like your in a prison. I have had these grills fitted in the past here but never really liked them.

On my new house build i looked into it a lot and went for security windows.

This is what they are.

On the outside we have 6mm of glass laminated to another 6mm of glass and then a air gap for insulation and then another 6mm of normal glass inside so in total the glass is 18mm think . overall thickness of the total glass and set up is about 38mm that then fits into the plastic frames.

Below are some that we had left over as they did have a small defect in them so i will use them for my shed.

We have a private security here in my small community that do drive bys every 20mins 24 /7.

We pay for that. its a gated community and there are street cameras on entry points that are monitored.

Also i have 6 points on the house where i am about to fit security cameras so as i can see the exterior of the house and gardens from any part of my house or from anywhere in the world on my mobile phone.

And a video door entry system that records every person entering.

also all hinges are high security locking point hinges on all windows and doors.

Alarms i feel are expensive and who comes running when they hear one go off anyway and a monitoring system is expensive and the office company can see into your home.

Nothing is fool proof but i feel we have to make it harder and a bit of a deterrent also with cameras you always have a record you look back over if needed,

Also there is only 1 door on the whole house that has a key to enter and that is a very high security coded key. All my neighbour’s have cameras that overlook each others houses so we look out for each other.

More top tips and advice for my members on my new site see here

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