Win 1 month FREE Membership

Now you can win 1 month free membership of David’s Brand New Membership website

How to Win

David has a live Radio show on Almeria Radio every Thursday and Friday at 4pm Spanish time.

Heres the link “The Wright Way”

Just come over and comment live on his show in the comments section these words..

You can choose the phrase but it must be one of these phrases below.

Afternoon David, your new members website looks great

Hi David loving your new members website

Nice music David. your new info website is really good

Then email me at the show

With your name and i will send you a link on how to join for 1 month for free and take advantage of the offers and benefits for that month.

Only The first 5 people will win

Comp open on Thursday and Friday at 4pm ONLY. this week Link to join HERE

You can have a look at just what you will get below.

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