David’s New website

Brand New site to really help people living and working in Spain.

Today My new site is live. Here’s some details.

For so long I have been giving away all my info and videos for free and have had many problems with controlling my followers as we do get a lot of time wasters who just want to spam my groups or upset people.

Now i have created a new members site where there are 2 levels and where members can get real help.

They will be able to access all my videos, podcasts blogs and expert guest interviews plus get sent all the latest news as fast as i get it all in one place that i control.

I will be providing some new valuable content and information from now on and ONLY be posting it on my site.

I will still use facebook and my groups but not post the info in them until days or weeks after i post it on my own new site.

There are several other big benefits for my new members as well

Take a look here David’s New site

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