The list you must make when moving to Spain

There are many things that you need to do and think about when moving to Spain but there is one thing that should be top of the list.

Making a list

What List?

20 years living and working in Spain now and this is my best bit of advice if you are thinking about a move to Spain.

Make a list of what you want and what you will need in the future.

Ok so we all like the weather the beach or maybe the country and cheaper food and drink that Spain offers but what do You really need and what will you need in a few years time.

Heres the type of list you need to make.

I will do a list that is based on me and my personal life style and needs so as you can see and change for your needs.

Ok so when i first moved here i was working younger and fit. But i still had this list.

My list


Where are the nearest hospitals and what are they like. is it a busy area with long waiting lists are there smaller hospitals near me and will i have to drive a long way to see a doctor. some towns have smaller health centres that are less busy. Where i am now there is a new small hospital that is very quiet.

I have had to see a doctor there 3 times in the last 2 years and great service and no waiting times. I planned this when i moved here. I am now 60 and fit but will for sure need doctors more in the next few years thats inevitable. Go to the hospitals have a look and see for yourself what they are like.

Several years ago i badly cut my hand and fingers and needed fast medical help and an operation and was only a 5 min drive from a medical centre that could of saved me loosing some fingers. If you had an accident at home how far is medical help.

2. Shops.

Food shopping is something we all need to do weekly and we have a small supermarket just 5 mins away plus 2 bigger ones 10 mins away that also deliver. Time and money doing small 2 min trips or longer daily food runs can make a big difference. Could you walk there when you are older?

Small weekly fruit and veg market just 15 mins away. Cheaper foods and fresh weekly.

Big supermarkets are great but prices much higher there. Small local shops are cheaper that makes a big finatual difference over time.

3. Petrol station just mins away.

We drive a lot now but maybe later when we are old we won’t be able to drive as much or want to so being near to services and petrol station can be important. Petrol stations here also have bread and milk and a small shop most times so handy for buying some basic foods if needed. When your in your 80s will you want to drive to fill up your car.

4.Banks and cash points

Getting cash when you need it . How far will you have to walk or drive. is there cash point near you. Choosing the right banks with branches near where you are going to move is important. Years ago i lived in an area that didnt have my branch so i had to drive 20 mins or pay a commission every time i took out cash from a machine. that was a real pain.


Not having kids this was not on my list but maybe should be on yours.

Driving the kids to school takes up a lot of time and petrol also are your kids safe if walking to that school. how far is it for them every day and how dangerous is that walk for them every day on their own.

6 getting help

Great to live out in the country but if you need deliveries or help will it cost you to call people out to you and will they really want to come.

I have a friend who is about 15 mins drive out of a small town here and getting basic letters and parcels delivered is a real problem for him. The local pizza company wont deliver to him. Not a big deal really but something that could be a problem in the future and worth thinking about. Getting i a home help or cleaner may be something you need in the future and if you not near people this could cost you more.

7 People

How far are you from others?

Are you really wanting to be with English people all the time or ok to Live in a Spanish comunity.

Are there people where you are that you can become friends with or are you really way out on your own in the country.

Having good neighbours or just some company is important especially when you get older.

Do you want to be around English or is your spanish ok and living with Spanish community is ok.

Not everyone can Speak Spanish i know and some never learn so this can be a real problem when you are maybe living on your own or need to get help or services .

Try to think about what you may need near you for daily life here in Spain.

Not just now but when you are older or maybe not as mobile as you would like.

Moving from one place to another in Spain is way more expensive than in the UK and as yoiu get older more stress.

Making a basic list like this can make you think a little more on getting it right the first time.

I have lived in many areas here. Cities. villages and some very quiet areas as well as busy ones. It has cost my a lot of money over me 20 years here and now i am in what i hope is my last home and think i have got it right but it has cost me a lot of time and money to get it right.

Making this basic list will help you think about how and where you are moving to and is it really the best place for you.

Did you make a list?

Let me know what you did in the comments below.

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