If you dont start now you never will.

When is the best time to start going after what you really want?

Last night i had a phone call to say that one of my friends brothers had died of a heart attack at the age of 45.

He was a married guy with 2 young kids and always a happy funny guy .

He drank a lot smoked and eat unhealthy foods but was always happy. His life style choices where his doing and he knew the risks as we all do.

He is the second close friend i know has died in the last 2 months and i also know a guy that has been a friend a long time that had major heart operation last august. Again this guy was not into looking after himself much.

We all make choices in life on how we want to live and we all know the risks.

My point here is that when i heard about my first friend was having hearth problems several months ago and was the same age as me. that made me really start thinking its time i did more about my health.

I was not really that bad and have always been fit and building my own house here over the last 3 years has kept me fitter than most but i have started to slow down last year and put on some belly fat.

Now after this news i am so glad that i started when i did and will keep going now running 3 times a week and eating better. At 60 now its so easy to just say what the hell a few beers or a burger now and then wont hurt, But there is so much i want to do in my life still and i want to feel fit enough to enjoy these things. now 2 of these friends are dead and the third has trouble even walking.

Thats no life for me so i will push myself you do that run even though i dont want to. i will try and only have 1 beer and try new health foods that i have started to really like.

Its never too late to change your life.

Its never too late to start something new and now at the beginning of this new year it really is the best time to start.

Got a dream? want to be fitter want to sell up and move or find a new job earn more money?

The only thing stopping you is YOU.

Start now today and in a few months you can look back as i did today and say I am so glad i have started.

Just 4 months ago i couldn’t run to the end of my street without gasping for breath now today just be doing a bit every few days i just ran 5 k this morning in under 29 mins thats half an hour running at 60 years old without stopping and feeling great today.

What could you do that will make you feel great.

Need some help

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We have experts waiting to help you all you need to do is ask them how much do you really want it

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