Where is best to live in Spain and what will it cost me

These are 2 of the most asked questions and most difficult to answer as they are so open.

Over 20 years here now and i have travelled all over Spain so will try and answer this one as openly as possible.

First off we are all very different and want different things.

You may like the beach life or quiet country life. inland Spain or the mountains.

What is right for me may not be right for you.

Some things to think about.

How good is your Spanish. do you want to be near other English speakers or with only Spanish. hows your health. can you drive now and will you be able to drive in coming years. Are services and shops near you is there work near you. can you get to places and treatment you may need in the future.

Who will help and look after you if needed?

How much do you have to start with.

What will it cost. How much do i need each month?

Well what do you need and how do you like to live?

Will you be living in a 5 bedroom villa with pool or a small apartment.

Do you eat out most days or cook at home.

You can eat menu del dia here for 8 euros a day thats a 3 course meal. you can also spend about 65 euros on pizza as i have in Malaga near the beach.

Tapas are free with some drinks in Almeria but is that right for your needs.

Asking on Facebook sounds a good idea but it will only confuse you as everyone will tell you what they love.

Heres how to start.

Google first.. Places you like the look of. Research them and then research them some more. look for and follow people who are living in the areas that you fancy and ask them what they pay and what are their costs. Go there. Go in winter as you kniow its nice there in Summer but whats it like in winter there will things be closed down and too quiet?

Take a cheap flight and go have a look. as its often not what it looks like on the tv or facebook.

After travelling all over Spain in my 20 years here i have found some lovely places i really like . such as Cordoba and sevilla but i would not like to live in either place a weekend is enough. Beach life is great but in summer when its over 100 for weeks ion end could you handle that?

Living in the open country is quiet and pretty but will it be too cut off for you if you cant speak to anyone or understand them?

below my local beach very hot very dry.

me in the mountains of Spain thats in june

Cordoba city life, is it right for you?

Below are a few pages i have with info that can help you choose better.

If this has helped please leave a nice comment thanks.

Daily cost in Spain


Property in Spain costs in the area you like https://www.thinkspain.com/property-for-sale

Get expert help or be mentored

Expert help page here

Get mentored here

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