David’s New TV Project

You could be part of it.

I will post updates of the project here at the top.

Today another meeting with tv production teem and writers. putting together locations and show outline ideas.

Filming starts 16th February.

The tv project

I have been asked to make a tv pilot show that may be made into a series if all goes well.

Called “All around Spain the Wright Way

The first tv pilot show will be filmed in Almeria starting early in the new year.

Last Friday i had meetings with my backers and the tv production teem to chat about the project costs and how and where it will be filmed.

We are now looking to start filming in Almeria mid to late January 2023

Whats it all about?

A few years ago I was asked to be an expert guest on channel 4s A Place in the sun. that was filmed near me. I was asked to ride up on my motorbike and give advice to the clients.

I had a great morning with the film teem and clients and that gave me an idea for my own show one day.

Although most of what i did on that show was edited out due to time. i really enjoyed it and it started me thinking. Heres edited version of that show. click here.

So heres what i came up with.

The show will be me riding around Spain on my motorbike interviewing people who have moved here and who are working here in Spain.

A more personal view of what people have done and what they are now doing in different parts of Spain.

I use my websites. podcast shows Radio show and now hoping to move into TV to reach a bigger audience.

To start with the pilot tv show will be filmed in and around Almeria and then if all goes well it could be all of Spain.

I will have 3 guests on the show to chat to and see how they live here. Then an expert to show options people have now if they want to move to Spain.

If you want to be one of these guests on my show then you need the following

Live in Spain. or have a home here. Speek English

Be working here or doing something of interest to viewers.

In or within 1 hour of Almeria city. we can come to you.

I will be interviewing possible guest first with phone calls then a personal meet to get it down to 3 guests.


Let me know below. Also background extras needed.

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