20 Years in Spain, Top tips you need to know

This is almost the end of my 20th year living and working in Spain and i have seen and experienced it all.

There are a few things that i have learned that will save you time, money and stress and a few Mistakes most Brits make that they could easily avoid.

First off why listen to me?

in my 20 years here i have bought and sold seven properties and land and built my own house almost single handily. I have been on the BBC news and several radio shows and A place in the Sun TV programme as an advisor.

I have written 4 books on living and working in Spain and Now have my own Live radio show on Almeria Radio 107.5 fm every Thursday and Friday at 4pm Spanish time. THE WRIGHT WAY

On my shows i give tips advice and news on living and working in Spain.

I try to help and encourage others to move to Spain as i love it here and feel it so important to follow your dreams.

So what mistakes do people make when moving to Spain and how can you avoid them?

First is not learning Spanish.

We all say we will learn or that we want to but the truth is many dont or give up after just a few months.

Learning to Speak and understand the language of the country you live in is More important than you think and the main reason why people succeed or fail here in Spain.

Come listen to My podcasts on Living and working in Spain HERE

I also found it hard and was slow to learn Spanish but being self employed here once i did speak Spanish my life changed here and my business took off big time.

Why limit yourself to half your potential clients.

Second is choosing the right area to live in.

Many. like me when i first moved here.

Dont get it right.

Yes we all like different things and areas for different reasons but it can be very expensive or disastrous if you get it wrong.

Say you like the beach and a quiet life well is that right for you if your looking for work or have a business?

Many areas of Spain close down in winter months or get very quiet. Some big towns are great and have work but prices are way more expensive. Renting is always a great idea first as it lets you see what its really like before committing. Buying property in Spain has way more expenses actached as compared to the uk and can be very costly if you need to move here.

If i where just about to move to Spain heres what i would do.

Very first is to have Spanish lessons and make or meet Spanish people to practise as much as possible. Once you can practice what you learn you start to remember it more. There are apps groups and online chats where you can learn all for free.

Second. Research research and then more research.

Getting if right first time and choosing the right area is key. Maybe not where you want to live long term but is it right to get you started and could you move on after.

Work in Spain

Many need to work of find jobs in Spain . Maybe not at first but your life can change and you may need to at some time.

Have you get the skills that are in demand here in Spain ? if not you could learn something new at any time.

If you get these 3 tings right or try and get them right you will have a better chance of living your dream life in Spain. Get them wrong and you will struggle.

  1. Learn Spanish
  2. Get the area right
  3. work skills, have them or get them

What do you think? are these reasons right or would you say i have mist something out comment below.

below are links to all the info you need.

See all the information links here Click HERE

moving to Spain books
move to spain books that have LIVE all the papers and visa information on living and working in Spain.

LIVE Radio Show just use your camera to get the app and listen in from anywhere.

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