Stop saying theres no work in Spain

I have been in Spain 20 years and there has always been work here. It got a bit quiet when the crisis hit several years back but there is work in Spain.

Heres the problem and why so many say theres no work in Spain.

First they cant speak Spanish

Or they are unskilled or don’t have whats in demand here.

Both these problems are easy to fix if you really wanted to.

Work In Spain

After you have sorted out all your papers and you are here legally then you can find work but not everyone that looks can speak Spanish so its going to be hard like it would in any country where you don’t understand the people.

Then what can you do? have you got the skills people are looking for.?

Most Brits move here and just want part time work or a basic unskilled job and that is always going to be in high demand not just with British here but Spanish as well.

Just last week Spain announced that they need to start offering jobs to outside of Spain as they cant get enough workers even though there is still 12% unemployed here.

Heres what is in demand now.

Carpenters, brick layers, electricians and plumbers as well as construction drivers and workers.

There will be some saying that the wages are low. YES they are lower for unskilled workers but I have used many of these trades people and heres what i had to pay them in the last few years. Plumbers are on about 180 a day electricians 200 a day Carpenters around 180 a day and plasterers about 200 a day.

When i first moved here my Spanish was very bad but as a skilled carpenter i had loads of work. Once i learned basic Spanish i had even more and was never out of work here in 20 years.

Tilers here now are getting even more so Even though its Spain thats pretty good money here.

Spain needs more workers but people havent got whats needed…see here if you have

Work in Spain

Personally i was asked to make and fit a new wooden front door for an old client just last month and i charged them a total of 2000 euros.

When people say they cant find work its almost always because their Spanish is poor or they have not any skills that are needed so it woiuld be hard in any country.

one of my friends works in an office here with his wife and they both earn around 1800 a month

So thats 3600 and they have a nice 3 bedroom house with garden near the beach so more than enough to live on.

If you havent got whats in deman then you can learn and even the local councils now do courses to learn skills that are needed including office skills.

My wifes sister took a 12 month course and wasd given a very good office job at the hospital after.

Just how hard are you looking and what have you got to offer.

For all the posts where people say its hard to find work here i can state personally people i know that have found work here and are happy .

Then there s the ones that say Well there are the oppertunities now like there use to be. RUBBISH now has never been a better time in life to be looking for work anywhere. And with the internet the options and training is limited Only by your atitude.

What do you think?

am i Wright or am i Wright?

I even wrote a book on how and where to find work in Spain with links and free training page.

Just how much do you really want to work in Spain.

On my podcast i interview people who have found work here. stopped saying how hard it is and are just doing it

Learn fron them.

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