Did you move to Spain for these 3 reasons?

These are the 3 main reasons i moved to Spain see if you feel the same way.

This is my 20th year now living and working in Spain and i can still remember the main reasons why i wanted to move to Spain.

Working as a carpenter and builder in Brighton in the south of England i was mostly working outside and so the weather was the main reason why i wanted to move to Spain.

Come 4pm in Brighton in the winter months “half the year or more” and its dark wet and cold so not nice working outside.

It really makes you depressed and tired.

Then theres the rat race way of life trying to earn enough money to pay for all the shit that you dont really need.

I to got caught up in the keeping up with the joneses, better car, house and cloths but for what?

Working all week then come the weekend the weather would be poor so watching tv or trips to the garden centre. Going out to eat and drink was expensive back then so god knows what it is like there now.

Stress. working long hours to earn the money but not really enjoying the week so just praying that i lived long enough to enjoy retirement that seemed so far away. This was not the way i wanted to live my life and knew there had to be a better way.

Then a long term work friend died just weeks after he retired and that set me thinking. Would i make it living like this and if i did that meant that for years i would have to struggle working to afford retirement and then at what age? the governments are always moving the goal posts on that one.

So work. way of life and the stress,

So whats different here in Spain after 20 years.

Well the weather for sure. Yes i miss the green country of England but i can always visit there for a weekend as thats more than enough.

Way of life here is so relaxed. Yes i did have to work hard long hours the first few years building up my business here but now i pretty much do what i want and when i want and thats real freedom.

Wages are lower yes but i need way less here to have a better way of life and i have learned that its quality time thats more valuable than money. how and where to work in Spain

Stress is rear in Spain now as things and people are on a slower pace here. You get use to that fast. My health is way better here and i think thats down to the food as i eat way more fresh fruit and fish here. Mostly all bought at local markets at great prices.

Will i make it to retirement age here?

Actually it doesn’t matter now as i am doing what i love every day so i wont every really retire.

Struggles yes there have been many but i would rather have the struggles here than in the UK.

It looks like we are in for another global economical crisis, things are going up in price all over the world and people are worried but at least here i feel i have a better chance of riding it out and with less stress thats for sure.

I do love England and loved the country side there and do miss it still but Life is short and i want to enjoy al my days not just a few hours at the weekends.

The Spanish government is trying hard to help the people unlike the UK government who just seem to be lining their own pockets . Here the Spanish government have lowered fuel tax again and now gas tax and they are about to reduce taxes on some foods. Travel cards and free train rides is helping with much more being talked about.

At least here in Spain they seem to be trying to help the voters.

I have been accused of bashing the UK but that is never my objective as i have friends and family there and still travel there now and then.

This is how i look at it.

Years ago when i was young i lived in a village and later moved to a town. I still loved that village but for me then the town was better.

Same with Spain and UK. i still love the UK but Spain is better for my health. stress and working conditions.

Why did you move to Spain?

Need help with the move to Spain .

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Living and working in Spain listen to what its really like from members living their dream in Spain.

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