Real costs of building and running a pool in Spain

11th April 2023

Who hasn’t thought of having their own private pool in Spain? But what does it really cost?

So as most of my followers know i have built my own house here in Almeria and I also put in an inground pool at the end of the build so heres what it really cost and also what i have paid to run it after 1 year.

Below is my pool. 9m x4m and 1m at shallow end and 2m at deep end with a swim up seating at the deep end. Later i will build a pool bar at the end of the pool where the cement base is now ready.

elastic belt for swimming on the spot great idea.

After a lot of research we decided on what i feel a real pool. an inground cement pool.

We paid a guy with a digger 200 to dig out the ground in 1 day.

Then I paid 2 guys to build the cement block walls and rebar. they fitted loads of rebar mesh and reinforcing to the floor and walls.

Then we had 4 guys spray on cement to the walls. it was a pool cement that has fibre in it for strength.

Then i painted the walls with a sealer paint and later tilled it myself.


Dig out hole 200

build walls and cement spray 6,000

I did the tiling and the tiles cost 1200. that includes the capping tiles around top edge.

It is around 50,000 litres of fresh water and we paid a tanker 400 to fill it up.

Pump filters and lights another 1000.

So in total around 9,000 euros.

I did have a few quotes much higher and my neighbour paid 12 k for his pool thats the same size as mine.

filling up with tanker is cheaper as if you use the hose pipe, once you pass a certain amount the water company charge a lot more.

Running costs after 1 year.

People say its expensive but heres what i pay.

I have the pump on every night on a timer to come on at 1am for 2 hours and at weekends when electric is cheaper i have it on a few hours in the day when we use it.

Chemicals cost me around 10 euros a month .

I do use the vacuum hose to clean the pool most days and would like a pool robot but they are around 1200 euros so maybe next year. it only takes me around 20 mins to do a good clean.

Worth it?

Hell yes we have had so much fun this last year and with it being really hot having your own private pool is a real treat.

Have you paid around the same as i did? let us know below.

heres a great tip watch video below..

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