There is loads of work in Spain

I keep seeing posts about how hard it is to find work in Spain.

Lets get some facts here shall we.

There is loads of work in Spain but its like any country. have you got the skills needed and can you speak the language?

So lets relate this to just British people that have or are moving to Spain and looking for work.

So we will pass the basics steps like you are in Spain legally and you have the right papers to be here like residencia, nlv or what ever. OK so lets say you have been here 1 year and that means that you can work here now. See more about that here.

So your living in Spain. your legal here and have all the papers.

Your looking to find work.

What work are you after? and is there any demand for what you want to do.

This is my 20th year in Spain and i have run a few businesses and seen it all.

Most Brits who are looking for work in Spain have little to no skills and are looking for cleaning jobs, bar work or just basic maintenance work. Those who do have a skilled trade of experience dont speak Spanish.

Heres the first problem.

They will be completing with hundreds of others all in the same boat and most with little to no Spanish language skills, all after the same jobs and normally in a pretty tight British expat community.

This was me. i also did just this when i first moved here.

You will find it hard to get work in any country that you dont understand the language.

Office jobs, shop work and dealing with public you will need to Speak and write Spanish and probably speak to people on the phone, again all in Spanish.

Yes there are jobs here where you dont need to Speak Spanish and you could find work here just working for English speaking clients and that would be fine but you are limiting your potential earnings to just half because your cutting out most Spanish clients or customers.

The wages are so low here.

Really… as a builder here i have worked in the building and renovation trade here for 20 years and worked with all trades and many different nationalities here.

Trust me good trades people are rushed off their feet here now and charge almost as much as the uk trades do.

Just last week i had to get the electrician that wired my new house, back to do a days work in basement garage. I supplied the cables and switches he just did the work with me helping.

6 hours work, 200 euros. it took 2 weeks to get him here even though i have known him a few years as he is so busy. So if he works 6 days a week as i know he does, and i know he works to around 8pm most nights. that means hes earning well over 4k a month here and even after all his expenses here thats really great money in Spain. he is not the only one either as the tiler i used here also charges 150 a day just for labour.

Then i had some plastering done on a garage wall and again i bought the materials and paid a plasterer to do 2 days work. That labour only bill was 180, so 90 a day. Yes i could have got it cheaper but i have used this guy before and know his work is good and he turns up when he says he will and thats worth paying to get done right the first time.

My wifes works in a office here in Almeria and her boss is having his house renovated and i have been to see it. He is paying 70k for the works and is having trouble getting builders to stay on the job as they are running several jobs at once as they are so busy.

All trades people in the building industry are in big demand now and there is plenty of work if you have the skills and correct papers.

The main reason people say its hard to get work in Spain or say theres no work in Spain, is because of just 2 main reasons.

1 they dont Speak Spanish or 2 they dont have the skills that are in demand.

If you have been following me at all you will know that i have spent the last 3 years building my own 4 bedroom house here in Almeria “see here” and have had loads of trouble getting skilled trusted workers to help me and so did most of the work myself.

When i lived in England and was self employed, there were jobbers there that did maintenance and odd jobs and charged a lot but they never lasted long. Any skilled workers in the UK or Spain that can do what they say and are registered will always be busy here in Spain.

If you are a British person that has moved to Spain and wants to work then theres a few things you can do that will mean your always able to find work here.

First is obvious and thats learn the language, without bothering to do this you will always struggle here or be very limited in what you can earn here and thats what i found the first several years i was here.

Then get the skills that are in demand or training or experience in what people are looking for.

There are loads of online work here now or working from home jobs that could be more suitable for you.

You can also take courses at most city training centers now or work with others who will train you.

Years ago i saw there was work for supplying and fitting window security grills here and so i worked for almost nothing for a few months for a local welder here that made these security grills.

He was spanish and i learned how to do some basic welding and make these grills and doors. I swept up his workshop and went with him to help him fit these doors and grills and although i was earning peanuts for a few months i later bought my own welding gear and started supplying British people here with security doors and windows.This was a nice side line to my carpentry business.

In my book ” Finding work in Spain” on amazon and kindle i also tell of when i worked for free a few weeks for a local builders here loading the lorries and helping with deliveries just so as i could improve my Spanish and see how the Spanish worked here.

This later helped me not just with my Spanish but i found out how and where these spanish companies get their materials cheaper.

Also in my book i show how and where the Spanish find work and where they look with links to sites that offer jobs in Spain. Places that most British dont know about or look at.

There is work in Spain and you can earn great money BUT its like any country. Do you have the skills that people are looking for.

If not learn new skills, retrain go find people that will help you learn even if you work for nothing at first.

I have and still do see so many British people here doing very basic work for very low wages and many are doing this illegally here even though they have been here years.

You can do this, you can live like this but is that really all you want?

Below i have proof and tips and advice on just how and where you can find work in Spain. Yes i also plug my book but its packed with 20 years experience and if you want to get work in Spain or at least a head of the rest then this may just have some value to you.

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