Too outspoken or just saying how it is

Ok so heres another outspoken post.

Now i do sometimes face comments for being too outspoken but i sometimes need to make people wake up and think.

Hopefully this post will do that.

Here goes.

Look around you right now.

look at where you live, the car you drive and the job you do and how much money you have.

Thats all your doing

and all a result of the choices that you have made during the last few years.

You are living the life you want now?

Not enough money? dont like your house work or car. Well guess what? you chose it all and if you dont like it you can change it anytime if you really wanted to, its just that most get so comfortable they dont like change or want to get out of their comfort zone.

Too harsh?

Heres some proof.

20 years ago i worked at a job i didnt really like for a boss i didnt like in a place i didnt like.

Most of my closest mates at that time were doing the same and also didnt like it.

When i gave my notice in and told them i was off they gasped and said i was mad.

If you want more money then there has never been a better time in history to live than now where there are so many opportunities to earn money start a business or find new income source. or learn nes skills to make yourself more valuable.

My first apartment in the uk was a basement flat in a rough area and although it was mine it was pretty basic. But it was my choice. It was also my choice to earn more money get a better job and buy a better home.

Many of my friends back in the uk got married and had a couple of kids and still complain that they have no money or how lucky i am in my house in Spain.

They chose to have kids and get married nobody made them.

The problem is that we are brainwashed into following this path. Get a good education find a good job and buy a big house and have 2 .5 kids.

90% of the people who have done this are not truly happy with their lives.

Now i am living here in Spain i am happy with my life but still would like more money. who doesnt. but i am educating my self and learning new skills that could generate that income for me.

I have learned how to build some online income streams that i am trying to build on and always learning new skills to help me better myself and become more valuable.

Today i was going through some facebook messages and posts and there are loads of people complaining about cost of living and looking for work and generally moaning about their life and how hard it is.

I have 3 old friends i still chat with in the uk who still live in the same town doing the same work and living in the same house. They always say how lucky i am when they speak to me or see my photos of my house in spain.

I now have a new house thats been valued at 900k with pool gardens and gym. I get up every day and do the things i love when i want.

I left the same school as my friends in the uk but i had NO qualifications and hated school. How is it that i have this and am very happy and they are not.

This is what i think. tell me i am wrong.

I worked at 3 jobs when they worked at 1. i learned new skills for 4 years at night when they watch tv and went out drinking. I took chances and moved to Spain and i learned a new language and started 3 businesses here. i had failures and lost loads of money but started again. One year i lost 80k and got divorced all within a few months.

I think the difference is that some people push themselves and get out of their comfort zone and take some risks. They dont get put off at the first hurdles.

I am nobody special in fact i have struggled all my life with dyslexia and had to spend years learning new skills to try and better myself. so am i really just lucky?

Is it luck thats got me this nice house and a sole mate as a wife or did i go for it and not stop trying?

There are loads of members on my sites that have been through what i have and now got nice homes here in Spain and are at last living their dream life but all of them have had to struggle and take risks over the years to get where they are now.

Maybe a few are really lucky and had it all dropped in their laps but i dont think many did.

Today i did a post about living in a community building in Spain and all the problems there were with other neighbors, some not paying and some moaning and all sorts of problems.

Now theres nothing wrong with living in community buildings. i have lived in 4 here over the years and loved some of them but when you dont like something or a place or job then change it. Why wait.

life is so short and the older you get the more you realise this.

Anything is possible if you just want it enough.

A few weeks ago i had been over doing it and put on some fat and at 60 years old now its sort of the normal but i didnt like it.

So i researched and found a solution.

I started fasting and running and weight training and swimming. now the first 2 hours of the day i work really hard on my body and i have already seen weight lose and feel fitter and have more energy and sleep great.

It has been and still is really hard to get out of bed at 7am and go for a run at 60 years old and then do weights and swim but i want a fit body and thats the cost.

What ever you want in life has a cost , something that you need to do get or earn to make it happen and its all down to how you approach it and what you do about it.

Luck is for winning the lottery but statistics show the odds are very low.

Whatever you want you really can have or die trying to get. the choices we make today shapes how we live manana.

Was it really luck for you or did you have to work for it.

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  1. Read your post David and your absolutely right! I came to Spain with my first husband just a few years after I got promoted at work earning a very good wage. My husband then took early retirement as he was a lot older than me and said he wanted to emigrate to somewhere warm, which he had said from the start of us meeting and I agreed, but didn’t realise it would be so soon after my promotion, but due to his health reasons. We came to Spain and family and friends were aghast thinking we were making a big mistake. We came loved it fast forward 2 1/2 years later he dies. I’m on my own everyone family and friends in Uk urge me to go back friends in Spain say stay and I stayed. 12 years on my own then met my now husband and we’re very happy updating the same house I bought 19 years ago, and still loving it. So the choices we make should be down to us not family or friends. Think about what we really want and do whatever it takes to achieve it. It might take years but it’s worth the wait just try to stay healthy and don’t do anything that could put all that I jeopardy.


    1. Morning Sharon I am reaching out to my new and long standing members.
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      I hope you can come join us as its where I will be uploading all my new content from now on.
      I will be offering more personal help to my members see my new site here
      Regards David Wright


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