How to make all your dreams come true this year.

We all have dreams and wishes for how we want a better life or way of life , There are things we would like to have or change for the better in 2022 but for most people things will stay the same more or less yet again for another year.

There is a way that you can have all you want though. There is a way that you can have the time and the money to get and have anything that you want and live anywhere you like.

First off you need to hear how it happened for me then your understand.

Here are 3 examples.

More than 20 years ago i wanted to move to Spain.

I was then living and working as a carpenter in Brighton and the last few years there i worked for a small family business that i didnt really like and i remember the day it all changed.

I was on my way home from working out doors all day in the cold, wet weather on a building site. There i was at 4pm sitting in my van with the heater on sitting at the same old traffic jam in a back country road watching the traffic lights with the rain running down the fogged up windows and it was already dark.

Then looking out the side window i saw a bill board above a shop that had this photo of a pretty girl running on a white sandy beach with blue sea in the background. It was an advert for a holiday company offering trips to Spain.

Looking at that poster started me thinking how much i would love to be where she was right now.

Then as i started to move on a bit in the traffic we again came to another stop just a few yards up the road. Looking out the other window i saw this same sign again above another shop. the exact same sign.

I started to think why not and what could i do to be there not for a holiday but to live somewhere like that for ever.

I started to think about money and what i could do for work there. After a bit i just thought it was impossible and continued on my drive home.

Then when i got home i saw my then wife just arriving at the same time as i and she was wet as she carried the shopping in the house, We greeted and she said what a day she had had and that she was fed up with this weather and her job. Without even thinking i replied “Dont worry we are moving to Spain next year for good” “Ok” she said “lets do it” This was not what i thought she would say. i was thinking maybe she would just say dont be stupid we cant afford that.

“Really”? i said you would go? why not she replied its got to be better than how we are living now.

Our live then was not bad really we had a nice house and both worked but we never really had time to enjoy life together except on the holidays we had that only lasted a few weeks each year. We had some savings but not enough to move to Spain.

That weekend we started talking about how we could move to Spain , what we thought we needed and how we thought we could find work there.

Weeks went by and we talked a lot almost every day about this dream of moving to Spain. It started to be less of a joke and more a real option. We started making lists and writing down what we thought we needed and how we could get it.

After several months we had a real plan to go to Spain for 6 months and look around at areas and look for work. We could both take that time off work and just go see.

We did take that trip and after a lot of research found a place we liked the look of and booked the trip.

At first it was just going to be a weeks holiday to go check out this area of Almeria then come back and arrange to go for 6 months to try it.

The very first week we where in Almeria Spain i went to a club where local Brits met up and on the second to last day of our weeks holiday i met a guy who offered me a job.

We can home and arrange to just shut up the house for 6 months then go back to Spain and try it.

20 years later and i am still here and living what i think is my dream life.

We didnt have enough money then and we didnt really have a clue but we took a chance. we made plans and we did a lot of research, remember back then there was not the internet and facebook groups like there are today so doing research on things was a lot harder.

Later on in this post i am going to tell you why i think it worked out for us and how it can for anyone if they follow what we did but first heres a related story.

After a few years living in Spain i was self-employed and needed a new van. I had my eye on a pickup truck that i could use for work and personal use but it was about 11k and then i only had about 3k that i could use for a new van.

I started thinking about these pickup trucks all day and saw a guy i knew here who had one and i wanted one even more but just didnt have the money and couldnt see how i could get it.

Almost every day i kept seeing these pickup trucks at traffic lights and parked at the side of the road it seemed like they where everywhere. One morning on the way to a job with my mate sitting next to me we saw a pickup truck for sale in front of a garage that was on our way to the job.

On the way home that nigt we stopped and had a look at it. It was in great condition and the guy wanted 11k way out of my budget.

The next few days we passed and i kept looking at what i then called my truck. After a week i stopped again and asked if i could have a look inside, the guy said take it for a drive and i did, even though i knew i didnt have the money to buy it. After the drive i wanted it so badly.

just a few days later at work the neighbour came round and induced his friend who wanted some work done on his house near by and asked if i could quote him.

I went to his house just a few doors down and he wanted loads of work, a new kitchen and bathroom and a small extension, More work than i had ever done before here. I would need to take on 2 more guys and arrange everything.

I priced the job up and said that i would need a big deposited as there was a lot of materials. The guy agreed and the deposit was enough for the materials to get started and for me to but that truck. A few days later i was sitting in my new truck driving it to the job thinking how just a weeks ago this was out of my league.

Several years after moving here to Spain i ended up getting divorced after 17 years of a pretty good marrage and found myself living here along for some time. I wanted to find a nice Spanish girl maybe to enjoy my life with but that seems impossible as at that time i didnt know many Spanish people that well or speak Spanish

I started going to Spanish places to meet people and joined several clubs like a climbing club and wlking club and a salsa dancing clud to put myself in places where these Spanish peope would be and meet new friends.

After 2 years of going to these clubs every week i did meet the perfect girl and we ended up getting married and this was the ultimate dream and it was all possible because i thought about it researched it and put myself in places that would open new doors or opportunity for me and i took action.

Anything is possible if you think it is.

If you want something bad enough you start looking for ways to get it and new opportunities start to open up to you.

Thoughts become feelings and feelings become actions and its that actions that makes dreams come true.

People always tell me their excuses for not having what they want like, money time work but the truth is that if you really want something, anything, then you can have it if you take action.

Money is the main reason why most don’t follow their dreams or the lack of it. There is always ways to get more money. another job retrain to learn new skills that are in demand or look for ways to get more money. If you sit down and write down your dream then start thinking what you need to do to have it. What could you do and what will you do. Then research more and make more lists writing it all down and as you do this new things will come to you. As you continue to do research and look for ways to get what you want New doors and ideas will open up to you.

Its NOT luck that some people are living their dream in sunny Spain and its not luck that has given them the money or opportunity to follow their dreams. Its tacking action and risks and taking the opportunities that come they way .

Brexit the virus and wok are what i hear people say is now stopping them following their dream but there are still hundreds of people that are moving to Spain every week so if they can do it then why cant you?

Need more money? well find a way of getting it. what ever you think is stopping you its you that can change it if you really want it enough.

I was just a normal guy who struggled for years with dyslexia and left school with no qualifications at all who now lives in a new 4 bedroom house with pool in sunny Spain thats valued at around 900k. see my dream house build here.

I am just a normal guy who had a dream but i think the big difference is that i took loads of action and didnt give up.

Thats when new doors open up or new pathways,

Life is shorter than you think so do you not owe it to yourself to live the best life you can and foollow your dreams as hard as you can.

I hope this has helped encourage you and shows you that anyone can have anything they like if they think they can

Please leave a comment below and let us know whats your dream. Remember write it down here and it becomes real its a thing and thats a start,

Living and working in Spain podcast show with loads of info,

moving to Spain books
move to spain books that have all the papers and visa information on living and working in Spain.


  1. Hello, Buenos dias!

    Just wanted to say a quick hello and that I really enjoyed reading your update on how you made the move to Spain and your positive attitude on making your dreams come true. I lived in Spain for 10 years (North) and returned to UK a few years ago. I keep thinking about a return or even at least for a few months a year – 90 days seems to be the current limit. Hope to take the family on a dream road trip (I wanted to visit friends in Spain and France in 2020 but the world changed). If we do this I hope to treat it as a bit of a recce too and see which areas we enjoy the most. I’ve heard East Side (Alicante/Valencia/Denia) has the best climate for those with chest conditions (family member). How about Almeria? I’ve heard about the impressive fairly empty beaches there and Cabo de Gata. Let’s see if we make it that far. Your house looks outstanding too. Artista ! Congratulations on all !

    Best wishes Sam

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      Regards David Wright


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