20 years in Spain

This summer i will have lived in Spain for 20 years and had some amazing adventures here in that time and I have so much to share with others that could save them time money and stress if they are living in Spain or thinking of moving to Spain.

What you will learn here in this post.

How and where to get the answers to your questions on all things related to living and working in Spain.

What it costs to live here and to move here.

Things not to do and ways you can save money and time when moving to Spain.

First off why move to Spain?

There are many reasons why people move to Spain and i think mine is the same as most others. A better way of life in the sun.

Living and working in Brighton on the south coast of England, i was not really that unhappy but just fed up with the weather being wet windy or raining when i wanted to do the activities i enjoyed like fishing paragliding and all my outdoors hobbies.

Also being a Carpenter and builder back then, most of my work was out side so the weather or the rain should i say, was a real damper and just miserable for more days than it was nice and sunny.

After taking a risk and going for it back then i was fortunate that my research paid off and i found work here pretty fast. It was a real baptism of fire going from working in the wind and rain to working in 40 plus sunny days for months on end.

Choosing Almeria as my new home was based mostly on the fact that it had the driest climate in Europe although it is raining here today .. lol

Heres why Almeria play video below and see for yourself..

It rains in Almeria about 5 days a year and thats almost nothing but this last year has been very exceptional and we have had more than our fair share of rain here.

Apart from the weather it was the way of life that attracted me to Spain and Almeria. Although i used to work longer hours here when i first moved here and for a lower wage than i was use to in the UK, i still got to enjoy more free time.

british expats Living In Spain costs

After work most days from may till october i could be sitting on the beach with my wife having a swim or beer or just relaxing from 5pm till 9.30 most days . Back in England i would have the lights and central heating on by 6pm even in some summer days. In winter in Brighton it would be dark at 4pm and i still had another 1 hour to work in it back then.

Here the days are not just warmer but seem longer as well.

Money was a factor the first few years here but I soon learned to adapt to less money but also needed less as things really are cheaper here even now.

Heres the big difference i feel between my life here now and back in the UK .

In England i seemed to be always chacing the money and buying things that i didnt really need to keep up with what friends and neighbors had, bigger house and better car and holidays and clothes.

Here i lived in smaller homes for many years and had a basic car but was happier and had a better way of life on less money plus felt healthier as most of the food we buy here comes from local fresh markets weekly and is so much cheaper. Like this Sunday when we bought all our fruit and veg from our local market just 10 mins away that costs us 1 euro a kg fruit or veg. some out of season stuff may be a little more but we eat what’s in season and that keeps costs right down.

Does and donts of buying and selling in Spain

Working here.

After working here a few years for a British company i set up on my own and started to build my business here. I didf move several times and each time bought a little bigger and better place.

Learning Spanish helped my business as i now have as many Spanish clients as British ones so not limiting my income. This is something that holds back so many Brits that work here in Spain.

I went through a divorce here from my English wife and lived alone a few years before meeting and marrying a Spanish girl who i now have been married to for almost 8 years.

Along my 20 years here i have met and made some great friends and contacts that have helped both my business and property adventures as well as my personal life here and these top experts include The Honorary British consulate, a mayor chief of police and several other government officials who have helped advise me and still are helping me provide info for my followers.

My information and help.

The reason i provide help and info is because when i moved here all those years ago there was no internet and facebook groups as there is now and it was hard to get answers to my questions and was more of a risk back then.

I have been on the BBC tv, a channel 4s A place in the sun, several radio station interviews and podcast show interviews all as a local expert giving tips and advice on living and working in Spain.

I have 4 books out on Amazon and Kindle some free downloads on some devices.

Now my own radio show every Sunday on Almeria Radio and my own blog and podcast shows where you can access my info help and advice on all subjects related to living and working in Spain.

If people really want to find a better way of life then i want to help encourage them and provide them with advice and help from my experts who have helped me here.

These are top experts all over Spain that i get my updated info weekly from and my followers can now get the same help from them all within 48 hours if they use my links.

Below get help from my experts

Spain is an amazing place to live and if you really want a better way of life then I feel Spain can offer that and with my help and my experts help we can all truly leave a happier healthier way of life here in Spain.

Stay updated with all the latest info and news . just come subscribe to my sites below there is so much info here take a look.

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Build your own house in Spain. i did see what i built below..

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