None Lucrative Visa for Spain

There still seems to be a lot of confusión about the none lucrative visa new interpretations.

Some time ago I was invited by the Honorary British Consulate to come to his office in Almeria and make a video about it.

Now most of my followers know that Alejandro was my accountant when i first moved here over 19 years ago now. Alejandro is also the Honorary British Consulate of Almeria and a very handy and knowledgeable guy to know.

There have been some very new interpretations for the requirements to the none lucrative visa that now means that you DONT need to have doublé the income proof after 12 months and that you can now work here in Spain after 12 months.

Before British people were very worried that they could not meet the double requirements for years 2 and 3 as that would then mean they needed 50 or 60 k income proof after the first year. THat is not the case now.

You will only need to prove the same amount as you were asked for in the first year so thats around 28k and not 56k or more.

Please watch the video again and hear him say this and where he got this info from and why its a game changer for so many British moving to Spain.

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