Are the British really picky eaters?

Would you try this?

I was a bit shocked at the response I got to a photo I posted on one of my sites last week.

It was a photo of Black Paella that I had as a tapa here in Almeria and a dish that my Spanish wife cooks for me at home now and then that I really love.

The response I got from my post was mostly things like. “no way that looks horrible” and “ I would never try that”.

Looking at this dish for the first time I must admit it doesn’t look that appealing but it’s almost the same as normal paella, just a little stronger flavour and black of course.

When I first moved to Spain 19 years ago now, I made a vowel to try everything once and try and get use to Spanish foods rather than hunt down the more expensive traditional British dishes  here that are mostly imported and are less healthy than most Spanish dishes..

Having said that I still do love my English mustard, the Spanish version isn’t quite the same.

After 19  years here I guess being married to a Spanish girl means that I have tried almost all the Spanish dishes and got to love most of them.

There are a few that even I don’t like that much,  like pig face and bulls tail, although I have tried them both.

We all have very different tastes but it still surprises me when I see so many British in bars and restaurants that won’t try even some basic Spanish dishes.

When my Brother first come over from the UK to visit me here , he didn’t want to try the local dishes and when we went out for tapas he would stick to the lomo in a bun or mini hamburger.

Then after several visits here I pushed him into trying pincho and carne con tomate and even octopus and squid,  that he now loves and orders in preference to his old hamburger days.

It’s understandable if you try a dish and really don’t like it but to say that looks bad and that you won’t eat it, without even trying it seems such a waste.

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It’s always the ones who push themselves to try new things and discover new experiences that get to really enjoy life and this also applies to trying Spanish foods that are new to you.

If you really try and immerse yourself in the foods and cultures of a country that is when you really get to enjoy what its really like living in a new country.

In Almeria and many other Regions of Spain there are some great tapas bars and some great little dishes to try.

So the next time your ordering, take a chance, step out of your comfort zone  and just try something new. You never know it just may become your new favourite dish. Remember to give the Black Paella a try as well. It really is better than it looks.

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What is the strangest foods you have tried in Spain and what is your new favorite.

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