Connecting with friends from around the world.

Its great to meet new people from around the world and share information and tips about local areas and things we have in common.

This week I have made another friend and traveller from the other side of the world.

Frank Thomae & Lissette. are Mapping Spain  in greater detail and will cater more to those specifically interested in travelling to Spain and/or looking to settle in Spain. Writing about Spanish destinations, culture, food, wine, as well as hiking and cycling (a couple of Franks favorite activities).

Frank who was born in Quebec and traveled a lot around Spain has a travel blog about Spain and writes about different areas of Spain. you can read more Heres his website

Frank has written an article about me on his blog that you can read here. or just click the photo below.

moving to Spain books
move to spain books that have all the papers and visa information on living and working in Spain.

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