Its all about supporting each other

Posted by davidinalmeria@gmailcom

We all have different dreams of how we want to live our lives but most people that follow my groups and sites are interested in Spain.

Some want to move to Spain some day and some have already moved to Spain but if your reading this right now then you have some sort of interest in Spain.

Searching for and following others that have the same interests is how you gain information that can help guide and encourage you to do the same.

We have a great family atmosphere here in The group amongst most of the followers and all are very forthcoming when help of advice is needed. With such a wide variety of members all living different lives in different parts of Spain , this truly is where you get the help you need,

When you are happy with your way of life and where you live then you want to help and encourage others do do the same.

Personally i message or chat with several members every week to help inform them or just try and guide them to what they need, The biggest reward for me is seeing a member move here and getting to meet up with them in person as i have done several times now at my house.

I truly believe that you reap what you sow and if you want nice things to come to you you have to do nice things for others,

Reciprocity is the way to a better life.

On my facebook groups and pages i have over 30,000 follower or members now and thousands more on my other sites. I guest some must like my info but there are always the negative ones i cant please and these i try and distance myself and my members from as i feel they bring us down.

I am always available to my followers to try and help or advise anytime and I have made it easy to contact me through all my sites and groups and even for a personal chat if you want, I love talking about life in Spain.

I must mention here my admin team who have been with me some time and do a great job of keeping the crap and spam off our sites, This is the team below. Thank you guys.

Many of you know Facebook has become all about business now with Meta and Facebook messages me daily trying to get me to turn my facebook groups into a business and fill them with facebook adverts, thats not what i want.

I have several of my own sites now and these i personally pay to maintain and host so as my information can stay free to everyone. I do have some promotions on these sites but they are my own that i control and help in some way to pay for my sites upkeep.

I strongly encourage all my followers to come subscribe to them or follow them, It costs nothing and i will never ask you for any money or email you crap. I promise.

One day soon facebook will delete my or i will just leave when i build up my own sites enough.

David Needs some help

Ok most know i have started with Almeria Radio and they have given me my own show every Sunday.

At the moment its only a short slot that i am very grateful for But i would really like longer and this is where you can help.

If i get enough followers and comments on the show they may feel i am worth more time.

The station has given me my own page where listeners can leave messages and comment

Also on all my live shows you can join in with the comments section and message me live on the show and i will try and reply.

So if you have a few mins on Sunday can you please come join in with us and message me on the show this would really help me Thanks in advance. Heres the link to listen in from anywhere in the world and you can also send me messages here anytime or questions for future shows.

Just click the show Photo below.

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