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Yet again i find myself in Facebook jail.

Facebook has more control every day over what i can post in my Facebook groups and that is why i now post my latest information to my own sites that i own and pay to maintain before i post to Facebook.

I have several facebook groups and pages but they keep muting me for posting too much to my own sites or in groups. Facebook also doesn’t like me directing members to sites away from facebook. Plus even though i have changed my settings several times they still sell my personal mobile number to marketing lists that call me 3 times a week or more trying to sell me things that i have no interest in.

Please come and subscribe to these sites or mine that interest you because very soon i will be deleted or leave Facebook for ever.

Below is a list of all my sites that will very soon be professionally updated and redesigned and where i will continue to share my latest news and information.

My podcast show click here

My YouTube channel click here

My Blog click here

Other sites to make a note of where i post my information

Twitter click here

Instagram click here

David’s Radio show Almeria Radio click here

David’s website click here

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