British Expats in Spain group Why?

What is this group really for?

The real reason I started this group.

Personally I am not a fan of Facebook and don’t like the control they have over what we can say and post on pages and groups that we have set up, Now its all about their adverts and what they can make from advertising. So why use Facebook?

There are many people that are interested in moving to Spain and working in Spain and at the moment facebook is the best platform to get out information to as many people as possible but I feel that’s changing and there are new better platforms that are killing off facebook fast.

When I wanted to move to Spain over 20 years ago, there was no facebook or these groups and the internet was still getting started. I had to physically go to shows and meetings about Spain, property shows and presentations to meet people and learn what I needed to know about living and working in Spain.

Now with just the click of a button you can learn from experts and people that have done what it is that you want to do and see just how they did it and have all this information in just seconds.

When I first moved to Spain I started posting videos of my life here back then and I started to get a following and people asked me questions. People are interested so I started a group and websites for fun where I could post my silly videos and photos but these photos of life in Spain are so valuable and here’s why.

When you see how people are living in Spain and what they are doing like them shopping, or on the beach or just having a cold beer in a bar. You get to see all sorts of different people enjoying their life in Spain.

The key here is to find people that are doing what you want to do in a place that you may like to live in and live a similar life as they are leading.

The best way to do this is follow them ask them and learn from them.

“If you want what others have you need to do what others do”.

Heres what I mean.

Say you want to retire in Spain,then you need to find and follow people that not only are retired here but retired in an area of Spain that you may like to live in.

If you need to work in Spain or have kids then find and follow these sorts of people and learn what they did and do what they have done.

Reach out To them

The people that are living their dream life in Spain will be more than happy to help advise you so don’t be afraid to reach out to them and chat with them as these are the best forms of help you can get and their knowledge of that area is invaluable.

You will often see me post a photo or video of my local market or beach or just having tapas. David loves his Tapas.

tapas guide book

These photos and videos help so much and heres why.

When I saw videos and photos of people living in Spain at these shows and meetings I used to go to in the UK. They planted seeds in my head of a dream and how great life could be for me if I moved to Spain.

Now back then I often thought it was just a dream and many of my friends and family told me I was a dreamer and should forget it as it was hard.

It was hard and its still hard now but if its your dream to move to Spain, then never give up and there is always a way if you look hard enough.

Once I moved here 19 years ago I met a guy who had built his own house here and his stories inspired me and I had a dream of one day buying a plot of land in Spain and building my own dream house. It was a dream that I focused on for years and worked hard here and after many years it started to be more possible and then I just went all out and did it.

Now I live in my dream 4 bedroom house with pool gardens and gym and workshops that my wife and I built almost single handily over the last 3 years. see the house here

Seeing what others do and have done can give you inspiration to focus more on your dreams and anything really is possible if you want it enough.

This group has so much information and links to my other sites, my 4 books and blogs where there is even more information on what you need where to get it all from and what it all costs.

See all my sites and podcast shows here

We also have many very experienced member’s in this group that had done it. They took the risks and they made it happen and they will always be ready and willing to help you if you only ask them.

That’s why I started this group.

People helping people get and do what they want to have a better way of life.

Many times I have had  nasty messages or people say I have rose coloured glasses and yes I really think I do have rose coloured glasses because looking through them is way better than looking through their cloudy miserable glasses. Its easy to be negative or put people down or moan about how hard life is, theres loads of groups full of moaners like this but here I try and distance myself and my members from these people as much as possible or they will just bring you don’t to their miserable level.

Moving to Spain is not for everyone but this group is to help, encourage and inspire others who have the same dreams. If not scroll on down or join these other groups where members are being nasty to each other. Here we only want people who are after the same things as us and I personally and my admin team are always available to chat and help if we can. message us anytime.

Post your photos of your Spanish lunch. Post your videos of you in your pool or garden as these posts really do help paint pictures for others and give them the inspiration and push they sometimes need to made their dreams come true.

Remember guys I am just a normal guy who left school with no qualifications at all and struggled with dyslexia for years yet I moved to Spain I set up a business here and I built my own dream house in Spain.

If I can do it then so can anyone.

Now go find and follow the people doing what you want and made your dream happen this year.

Is it your dream to Move to Spain?

please leave a quick comment below if this has been of interest to you thanks.

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