Business Talk Spain

New feature coming soon

Helping our members businesses in Spain.

We have a business Friday slot and a business page where members can list their business for free.

I want to help our members businesses in Spain as much as possible so i am starting a new feature.

Business Talk Spain where our members can be interviewed on my podcast show to chat about their business in Spain and help generate some more business your way.

How it works

You can chat with my in an audio recording about your business and once edited it will be uploaded to the podcast show that is now featured on Apple podcast and Spotify as well as several other top podcast hosts.

You can include links and contact details that will be in the discription box and this will then be promoted across all my sites blogs and channels to help get you more traffic.

Costs…. ALL FREE

All i ask in return is that you share like or comment on that episode once uploaded. thats it.

If you are interested in growing your business for free then just Pm me and we can arrange a time that suits you.

Listen to some of the podcast episodes here below..

message or email me through the facebook group of from my website here

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