How to Move to Spain in 2022

Thousands of people are planning on a Move to Spain in 2022 and even with all the restrictions, brexit and the covid problems, hundreds of them will be living their dream in Spain by the end of the year.

If they can do it then so can you and here i will outline just how you can make this dream a reality.

You will have seen all these people online telling you how hard it is to move to Spain now, what with all the new requirements and restrictions but most of these people that are telling you its impossible now have had their dreams put off, put back or they have not found a way to get over their problems so want everyone to know how hard it is so as they dont feel so bad about their dreams being ruined.

Below is me and a few of my Spanish friends just going to another fiesta near my home in Almeria.

moving-to-spain in 2022

Be very careful who you listen to.

Its so important that you follow and listen to the right people and positive people who have done what you want to do and not those who have given up on their dreams.

Here i will tell you just what you need to move to Spain this year 2022 and what steps you should be taking right now. I will also give you links to sites and info that will tell you just what papers you need and where you can get them from.

Lets just get something straight here.

People are moving to Spain, you can move to Spain and you can do it this year if you really want to.

Before i tell you about the requirements and visas you need let me just say this.

The biggest dampener of any dream is the negative opinion of others. Dont listen to the negative ones remember its your dream not theirs.

Visas what you need to know.

There are a few different visas that you need to choose from and here they are.

The Non-Lucrative Visa

If you meet the requirements, the first residence permit is for one year. The first and second renewals are for two years each, so Non-Lucrative Residence can last five years (after that you are eligible for the Long Duration Residence). Remember though that you cannot undertake any paid work with this visa (and that includes remote work of any kind). But after one year, you can convert Non-Lucrative residency to Employment Residence or Self-Employment Residence.

What you need to meet this visa.

You must have the equivalent of around €27,000 in a bank account or income from pensions or investments of around €2,130 a month, plus €500 a month for your spouse and each dependent child. You also have to provide proof of private health insurance in Spain, clean criminal record and a letter from a doctor stating that you have no infectious diseases. some areas may ask a few other things but these are the main requirements to get this visa.

Employment Visa

This is what you need when a company hires you to work in Spain. Your employer will do most of the work or at least tell you what to do. Depending on the situation, you may have to apply from your home consulate. But, in some cases, you can apply from Spain. Most Spanish companies now need to show that they have tried to offer this work contract to local Spanish people first so it could be hard to convince a Spanish company to give you this type of visa depending on your skills.

Self-Employment Visa

Also known as the autonomo, this is what you need to work freelance, including remote work. You have to apply from your home consulate, submit a business plan and any permits needed, and document that you have the funds needed to get your business going.

Once you get the visa and arrive in Spain, you need to register your address, then get the residence card, register with Social Security, and register as a freelancer. The autonomo requires you to pay an escalating monthly fee that begins around €70 a month and rises to over €280 a month. It does not establish legal residency for spouses or dependents. Consult with an expert to figure out if this makes financial sense for you. Autonomo holders can access government healthcare, which saves the cost of private health insurance and a pension after 15 years.

Entrepreneur Visa

If you want to start a business in Spain, apply for this visa/permit. Setting up a coffee shop or a hairdressing salon would not be a valid option, as they are already existing concepts. It has to be a new idea that will be indemand in Spain and the idea should be unique .

Residence is good for one year and can be renewed. The permit includes residency for spouses, dependent children, and elders in the family. Besides meeting the same financial requirements, and the need for an police report and private health insurance as the Non-Lucrative residency, applicants must have an innovative and viable business plan approved by Spain’s commercial office. Entrepreneurs can apply either from Spain or at their Spanish consulate. Processing is quick, no more than 20 working days.

Investor Visa and Residence Permit (also known as the “Golden Visa”)

Buy property in Spain valued at €500,000 ($554,780) or more and get a visa and residence for yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children, as well as permits to work in Spain. Financial documentation, FBI report, and private health insurance are required. It’s good for one year but can be renewed even if you’ve been out of Spain for more than six months.

The property purchase must be made within 90 days prior to the application, and €500,000 must be unencumbered. You can make the application from your home consulate but applying while in Spain on a tourist visa gives you more advantages. Applications are processed within 10 days. You can also get a Golden Visa by buying Spanish government bonds, depositing €1 million in a Spanish financial institution, or buying €1 million worth of shares in Spanish companies.

Long Duration (Permanent) Residence Permit

After five years of living in Spain on one of the residence permits described above, you are automatically eligible for permanent residence as long as you have not been out of Spain more than 10 months in the five years. Time spent on student staying permits counts at 50%. Once you have this permit, you only need to be in Spain one day each year to keep it. Permanent residence gives expats the right to work and access to the government healthcare system.

These are the ways to now Move to Spain and before you say to yourself that you cant meet these requirements just think what you have now. what you could sell and how maybe you could down size retrain or learn new skills to get the money or meet these requirements. All have possibilities if you think hard enough and really want it.

I have arranged with an expert and friend of mine to offer my members help/ Some of you may of heard me talk about him and seen my interviews with him.

Alejandro has a very large company here in Spain helping people move to Spain and he is also a tax expert and accountant as well as being the British consulate for Almeria so a very knolagealbe guy.

Below is a free contact form where they will get back to you to chat about the best ways for you to move to Spain and how you can get started this week.

See info form here “Click Here”

Start listening and following people that will help and inspire you to follow your dreams this year..

Come listen to my podcast show here packed with info and tips on moving to Spain.


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