I am covid Positive

And angry at the lies i was fed and keep hearing.

This is not just my personal opinions but facts from the governments own “Experts” that are there for all to see if they did there own research and stopped believing the media.

Last Monday i was tested covid positive at the hospital and on day 4 i am fine with just a little sore throat and although i was feeling very rough for the first 2 days i got over it pretty fast.

In the last few days i have been researching and a few things i have found have made me angry that i had the vaccines at all.

I took the first 2 Pfizer vaccines because of what i was told by medical staff and what i have seen on TV and news. also i felt that at almost 60 years old it was a calculated risk that would maybe help me not get the virus. Once i was told the results by my doctor he was angry when i said i didnt want to have the booster as i feel it a waste of time seeing as the first 2 didnt stop me getting the virus and theres no proof that it will help me any better than my own immune system. I do not want any boosters and will fight against them.

I remember 2 years ago we were all told once we have a vaccine we can have it an be protected and get on with our life’s but that was not true. Have you seen in Israel they have already had 4 boosters now and talking about 5 and six in the coming year.

This week i saw a video from the CEO of Pfizer saying that he had told politician’s that the first 2 vaccines have little to NO affect on the virus and that even with the booster you only have some limited protection against being hospitalized and little protection against transmission. see the video here. https://fb.watch/aurv3oGL18/

When i have to go back and see my doctor here next week and he asks me why i wont take the booster jab, i will show him the video of the ceo of Pfizer saying how the first 2 vaccines will not give much protection and the 3rd only a little protection against hospitalization and see what he says. I bet he will say after i have had about 6 vaccines i should be ok.

Then Anthony Fauci an American immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of America says last year that the vaccine could be making us worse and that we need to do at least 6 years of trials..political presure has made him now change how he talks about this.

see him say this here.


If you are averagely fit and healthy and look after yourself then you will fine in 99% of cases its just like the flue. If you have made some less healthier life choices or have underline conditions or are older then you may find it harder to deal with but still get over it in most cases.

The restrictions and reactions to this virus are NOT in proportion to the risks.

Lets just have some facts here.

  • Approximately 1.35 million people die in road crashes each year; 3,700 people lose their lives every day on the roads. do they tell us not to drive?
  • An additional 20-50 million suffer non-fatal injuries, often resulting in long-term disabilities. people still decide they like to drive.
  • An estimated 95,000 people (approximately 68,000 men and 27,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, we still have a choice to drink if we want to.

Smoking is estimated to cause  More than 480,000 deaths annually . again you have a choice to stop if you like.

52.000 die each year from the flu and 720,000 hospitalized each year. but we dont need restrictions at all when we have flu.

Yes people are dying from the virus and it is making some very ill but so has the flu for years and we dont even need to have a mask on if we have the flu. maybe that should change as it could help.

Why are we all following these made up rules for the virus when the death rate is not as risky as smoking driving or drinking or even crossing the road.

With more restriction’s and laws in the pipeline and more new vaccine boosters planned to be compulsory in coming months where will it all end. A few weeks ago in my local Spanish supermarket i needed to turn the trolley backward to “make more room between me and the next person” god knows how thats logical. and you need to open the doors and windows to let the virus out. but how does it know not to fly back in if the windows open. again no logic but people believe it it told enough times.

In my wifes tiny hillside spanish village i need a vaccine passport on my phone just to go and have a coffee and wash my hands and wear a mask. Where is the logic of all this.

People need to use some basic logic and get on with life. Make better life choices and look after themselves and stop listening to all these politically controlled experts who change like the wind.

I was a little worried about the virus after all the media but having had it i now know its no worse than the flue.

covid uk death rate per 1million people >2,200

Rant over now tell me i am wrong and state why?

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  1. Not sure why it’s taken so long for the penny to drop considering the data analysis from the Diamond Princess clearly showed that the virus wasn’t as serious as everyone believes. 3700 on board yet symptomatic infections were only 306, 7 deaths obviously isn’t good however all over the age of 70 which a cruise based infection like Noro-virus or an influenza could cause.

    Oxford Universities Evidence Based Medicine Centre recommend targeted vaccinations but that doesn’t make significant gains for pharmaceutical companies.

    Create some mass hysteria and you can sell shed loads of vaccines and governments are happy to go along with this scam because they will have the population pay several times the cost of the vaccines in increased taxes.



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