Facebook is run by robots

Yet again i am in facebook jail for 4 days and i have been doing some research into this and this is what i have found.

Facebook put me in jail this time because i commented on a post an American friend of mine posted on my personal page. the post showed 2 Americans fighting and insulting each other with all sorts of violence and bad language. ” thats ok apparently,” i did report it but they say it was fine.

You can see a screen shot of my comment . Please explain why thats hate speech.

A few months ago i was yet again put in jail for commenting on a video a friend who i did a parachute jump with in America. The video showed to guys jumping out of a car that was pushed out ot the back of an airplane. i commented ” They are Crazy” again Facebook thinks thats hate speech. my ban was 30 days for that one.

i did appeal to the ban and facebook said it was under review. in just 30 seconds they replied saying they had spent time reviewing my comment and it did go against community standards of hate speech.

This just proves it is robots checking it.

Here are a list of keywords that their robots feel are against community standards now.

Crazy stupid idiot mad fat and ugly if directed at any person, all classed as hate speech.

God facebook bosses obviously didnt go to the school playground much when they were kids.

Facebook also targets all posts that say anything bad against America or American people and i have seen very innocent comments being labelled as hate speech and appeals are always denied by facebook robots.

No freedom of speech anymore and no way to reason with a real person at the other end of Facebook.

I use facebook because it helps me get my info out to more people but with a few of my groups that have over 8000 members facebook is constantly sending me emails and private messages asking if i want to earn money from placing their adds on my pages and groups. I dont want to do this.

Facebook also is very interested in helping people get more views to their posts by paid promotions and send me links to promote my posts with paid add campaigns that i dont want to use.

I know i will really have to think hard now before posting anything and that is sad as it means its not really from the heart . I dont hate anyone and if i dont like people or posts then i normally delete them scroll on or block them.

For months i have been getting phone calls from all over the world to my personal mobile trying to sell me stuff and when i ask them where they got my number they say facebook sell them marketing lists.

I have turned off sharing of my info on my facebook pages but that makes do difference at all, they are just interested in selling my info to the highest bidders.

Now called Meta, facebook is investing hundreds of millions in artificial intelligence to run facebook.

Just a few months ago they had to shut it all down because they found that

AI Systems they created made Bots that Create Language Humans Can’t Understand see here..

the robots are trying to take over its just a meter of time now.

I wil continue to use facebook but will not be commenting as much and will push my other sites until there is a more popular media then facebook and by what i have seen in my research there are millions that are leaving facebook for ever and i think i will be soon once i have built up my following on my other sites.

So be careful what you say on facebook its not free speech anymore with this American company.

Have you ever been in facebook jail?

Please come subscribe to my main websites so when i am deleted from facebook you can still get access to my info see below…


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