Ask The Team

Ask The Team in Spain is our new feature,


How it works.

Each week i will be hosting an informal chat with a panel of hosts called “Ask the team” to chat about different topics related to Spain. For example. buying, renting in Spain. where to live. working in Spain, Expenses in Spain. buying and selling cars, building works and renovations to your Spanish property and so much more.

Each week my guest panel on ask the team, will be members that are living in Spain now and you will be able to post your questions to them live to get their feed back and hear others comments and answers.

Why I am doing this.

I Know we have members in the group who have valuable knollage and experience that we can all benefit from and i want to grow and make this a more friendly group that helps and encourages others.

If you would like to join us as a host then pm me with what topics you feel you have experience in and if you have a topic you wish us to chat about then let me have that as well so as i can schedule it for later sessions.

Keep an eye out for this new feature times and dates Only in this group coming very soon.

If you think this is a great idea please leave some feedback.


  1. Ask The Team is a great idea as it seems there are still many people wanting to come to Spain but are unsure at the moment especially because of Brexit and the others like myself who’ve been here (19 years) who now have invaluable knowledge which took a while for us to gain and would like to use it to help others to save time money and stress if possible.


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