The 3 stages of being pissed off enough to Move to Spain

There are 3 main stages that show how pissed off you are and how close you are to moving to Spain.

Stage 1

You are thinking about moving to Spain some day. maybe in 5 to 10 years. you have seen some nice photos and it looks nice there. you like the idea of sun rather than rain. Your not happy with working hard all week then come home and watch the same crap on tv. in the next few years you would like to go check out Spain.

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Stage 2.

You are really fed up with work and the same old routine all week. The weather and costs of everything are just crazy. Traffic jams and rush hours always the same and theres no real quality time for family anymore. What the hell are we working hard all our lives for…Your really thinking about the kids and what it would be like if you just moved to Spain in the next year or so. You have been to Spain and looked at some property prices and seen some things online that looks affordable. Your planning another trip there to go check out areas that you could buy in. Your getting your house valued to see if you could do it. It looks like it could be possible.

photo above is my local beach last summer.

Stage 3,

Forget the rush hour and weather, we are going thats it…its crazy waiting till we are to old, we have to go now before we die. You have maybe been to Spain a few times and you have been looking at properties and look online most weeks at prices and areas. your gathering all the info and thinking about or have started looking into residencia and getting nie numbers and selling your uk home.

You will be moving to Spain in the next year or two if the house sells. Not so worried about the weather as you will soon be in the warm sun.

So where are you at? what stage are you and how pissed of are you. Sometimes we need to be really pissed off enough to fire us up into taking more action.

Moving to Spain is possible you can do it this year , others are and will so whats stopping you. need more info well we have it all here.. below.. listen to others who have done it and learn from them.

Tell us what stage you are at below..

One comment

  1. We have the house, we’re totally done with the UK, how to tackle the move now, with my daughter in her last year of school, we want to move a soon as she is done, NLV or Sponsership with a job, it’s more tricky now but nothing will stop us…..


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