Moving To Spain in 2022

If you are thinking of moving to Spain in the new year 2022, then you must read this.

Its a new year and maybe a new start, what better than a move to Spain to follow that dream you have had for some time but is it really possible and where do you start?

Dont worry your in the right place and Yes it really is possible this year even after Brexit and with all the covid restrictions at the moment.

There will be many that tell you its just too difficult or you should wait till things settle down or all sorts of things that could put you off but here’s why you shouldn’t wait and why you should start taking action right now, Today, on making it happen and here i will provide you with all the info on just how you can get started on your dream of Moving to Spain this year.

First off why listen to me and what do i know anyway?

Because i have been there, done that and got the T shirt and fed up with seeing others put people off going for their dreams just because they feel its too hard for them.

This is my 19th year living and working in Spain and in that time i have seen it all. I have bought and sold seven properties and land and built my own house here almost singlehandedly. I have run 2 different businesses here and been employed and also employed others. Being married to a Spanish girl for 8 years i also see both sides to living and working in Spain and have come across many of the problems that most will have here and found solution’s or ways to get over them.

I have been a expert guest on the BBC tv news and on the popular British TV program ” A place in the sun” as well as being a guest on local British radio and Spanish radio. Right now i have 4 books on Amazon and Kindle that are packed with info and advice on all aspects of moving to Spain, living and working in Spain and Building a house in Spain as well as my new Tapas book. see here

My new podcast show has guest interviews with real people who have made the move to Spain and have tips and advice for others and my youtube channel and facebook groups are all packed with information that will help put you on the right road to pushing forward your plans to move to Spain.

“If you want what others have you need to follow what others do”

I like to help and encourage others to go after their dreams rather than tell them how hard it is. Yes it is hard and can be very difficult at times and the slower pace of life here and endless amounts of paperwork can at times make you want to just give up.

There are plenty of groups and sites out there that are packed with people telling you how hard things are and how hard life is for them. In my groups and sites I prefer to concentrate on helping others look for and find solutions to these problems so as they can push forward and make that dream of moving to Spain a reality and not just a dream, as it is for so many that just give in at the first hurdle.

Moving To Spain in 2022

So where do you start?

Look for and follow people that are doing or living the way that you want. Search online for the place or area of Spain that you may be interested in moving to and join these groups and follow these videos and subscribe to these channels and websites.

learn what money and papers you need and what are all the requirement’s now on moving to Spain and what visas you may need.

Costs. What will it cost and in what order do you need to get things in place?

Make a list of where you think that you would like to move. lets say you like Malaga, so you need to join groups and follow people that are living in that area or who are talking about that area. Connect with them and send them a message ask them what they did and how they did it.

Thats me below out enjoying the amazing weather here in Almeria.

Get recommended help like solicitors and estate agents and people in these areas that they have used to help the and then message these people to gain more info.

This still maybe just your dream that you are thinking about for the future but its always best to get the info now and the more you look into it and get this info you just may feel its right to just go for it Sonner rather than later. After all life is for living now is it not.

Last year even with Brexit and the virus, thousands of Brits moved to Spain to live, so if they found a way why cant you?. The reasons that you think are stopping you from a move to Spain are all the reasons that you have put into your head and almost all of these reasons have a solution if you really want it enough and take the action to make it happen. It all really boils down to just how much you really want it.

It is a big deal and although its not far from England Spain is not so easy to move to anymore but if you follow just a few of my sites you will find people and information that will help put you on the right track to fulfilling your dream move to Spain.

Have a listen on my podcast show to others that have moved here and hear what they did and how they did it and just how much they love it here..

Now see just what its like watch some videos on living and working in Spain on my youtube channel below..

Read all about it and see what visas and paperwork you will need here in these books..

moving to Spain books
move to spain books that have all the papers and visa information on living and working in Spain.

Our free mentor group

I have set up a free mentor group where my members can give or get one on one help from others that are living or working in Spain. find and follow others that are doing what you want and ask them for tips and advice as they will be happy to share just how they did it.

Come join us here

OK so you now know where the info is and you know where you need to start getting the info and help you need so its now all up to you to take action to make it happen and remember its the action tackers in life that get to live out their dreams as others watch.

If any of this info has helped please leave a quick comment below and remember to subscribe to these sites to get access to all this info for free.


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