Just shows anything is possible.

Last night at the very last hour i sold a property that has been a problem for years for me and taken 3 years to sell. It was an old property in a not so great area and it had some problems. I sold it in the end to the local council and there were loads of conditions and papers that had to be sorted over months. The council are planning to take the property down and build a car park so it was not a straight forward deal and they made several mistakes with the papers that we had to correct and the deadline for the deal was 24th December. We ended signing at the notary at 6pm on the night before Christmas eve and we where the last people there just before they closed.

If we had not signed then we would have lost the opportunity to sell.

Stress full or what . But guys some times you just need to keep looking for the solutions and keep trying and if you do then things can work out. I really did think at times that i would never sell the property as it had so many special conditions and certain problems that were far from straight forward to sort out.

Never give up and always look for solutions and things can work out if you dont give up.

I have bought and sold seven properties and land here now and this was by far the most difficult and at this time of year with everything going on almost impossible but we did it.

Little steps in the right direction really do make the difference. never give up on what you want .

Happy new year guys hope all your dreams come true for the new year.

Whats your dream?

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