Meet up Group

Nest Wednesday 24th November in Almeria.

This is new. Are you up for it?

Starting next week is our members meet u group.

Here’s how it works.

Each month I will be arranging a place to meet up and anyone who is a member here and there friends can come along and have a beer or coffee and informal chat face to face.

It will start next week in Almeria city and each month will be a different part of Spain hosted by me or one of my admin or long standing members.

I want us to grow as a group not just on Facebook but in real life as well and we can maybe learn some great tips from each other about life in Spain. Maybe practice your Spanish or just a bit of gossip over coffee.

If your up for it then please leave a quick comment below.


Want to host one in your area then pm me.


  1. Such a lovely idea, I wish I was closer to you David, I would love to meet you and thank you personally for inspiring us and getting us to Spain. We are in Torre De La Horadada if you are ever this way.
    Kind regards,
    Heidi & Andy


  2. Great idea for those people who are especially knew to Spain. I joined this group and found it very helpful and have shared info I thought would be useful to others as I’ve been here 19 years and know things now that I wish I knew when I first arrived.


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