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Moving to Spain.

You really can have what ever you want and here i will show you that anything is possible.

If you can dream it then you can do it. When i see people post ” i wish i could do that” then i often think well why dont you?

We are talking about moving to Spain now and one of the reasons i set up my facebook group , websites, blog , YouTube channel and podcast show is to share info tips and advice to those who really want to move to Spain.

I say REALLY want to, as there are a lot who just wish they could and there’s a big difference.

Wishes are really just pipe dreams and things we think we may like but we dont really think they will be achievable.

This is how it works.

First you have a dream and lets say you have thoughts of moving to Spain. Those thoughts, if you keep thinking about them and keep reading about it and seeing things related to it will in time become feelings. Those feelings start to get stronger and then you reinforce those feelings by continuing to think about it.

Feelings become actions and you find yourself taking steps and researching and reading things related to the move to Spain, these actions then get results.

Its only when you take actions that you start to see results but these results often take time. How much time all depends on how much action you take.

So what sort of action do you need to do to Move to Spain?

Well start off as always with research. Get answers to your questions like what will it cost, how much will i need and where will i live. These are the basic questions everyone who has ever moved to Spain has had to find the answers to and so will you.

Ok so many will say that its harder to move to Spain now what with Brexit and the virus.

Well yes thats right lifes hard everywhere now. Remember that every week hundreds of people are still moving to Spain so if they have found a way why cant you.


Here’s a few.. Money or lack of it. kids and family commitment’s health or work. I have heard it all but there is always a way if you are prepared to made changes. Its all down to how much do you want it.

Personally years ago when i wanted to move to Spain i really had no idea where or what it would cost or how to find work. back then there was no internet like today and no facebook or groups to get info and help. For me money was a problem as i didnt have enough and needed to get work in Spain. there was back then just as many hurdle’s for me and way less help or info out there,

What to do?

For me i know i needed more money so i worked 3 jobs 7 days a week when my mates where going out having fun. It was not a problem for me back then as i know one day i would be the one sitting on the beach in Spain. I was willing to do anything to get where i wanted to be.

My research back then was going to hotel property shows every weekend all over the country and asking loads of questions and getting info on places of interest.

Then i had a reki trip to Spain to check out an area that i fancied.

One of the best tips i had from a Brit i met at one of these shows that moved to Spain was to make listed. Write down everything. where you think you like the look of, what you think things will cost. how much you need for house food bills.

These lists are so valuable and once you have even a basic list, its a thing that you can revert to and revise as you go with updated info from your researches. This list then becomes a plan that will put you on the right path and give you confidence.

Before i even went to Spain i found out about where expats where in places i wanted to visit and once in Spain i met up with these local Brits and gained so much more valuable info.

Who do you listen to?

Thats easy.. there are loads of Brits living in Spain and they all have very different ways of living their lives here so the key is to look for and follow the ones who are doing what you wish to do.

“If you want what others have you need to do what others do”

For example. Retired, working , family with kids, business owners or just wanting to do nothing but relax and enjoy life in Spain. There are people doing all of these things on similar budgets to you so look for and connect with these people as they will help you with info tips and advice that will suit you best.

No good connecting with a retired couple who sold their uk business and retired to the Spanish mountains if you have a young family and need to find work in Spain, these are 2 very different ways of life. Both are great but very different.

What do people do in Spain once they move there and what do you want to do?

If its work then maybe you need to retrain to gain the skills that are needed in Spain or get a job that you can do in Spain. This may take time and you may need months or years to retrain but it will be worth it and may just give you a head start on others.

In our group we have hundreds of members who are doing what you want they live and work in Spain and are happy to help answer your questions and will even mentor you for free one on one in our members mentor group. We have a great admin team who try and keep out the negative people and the spam and adverts . this is a place where we want to help and encourage people to follow their dreams of Moving to Spain.

Then theres the language. YOU MUST LEARN SPANISH so start now, Today.

It is the most important thing you could possibly do and the cheapest to do.

It costs nothing to start, There are loads of free apps to down load online and online games courses and ways to learn all for FREE.

Just15 mins a day.

Just 15 mins a day to start is perfect because as you start off you will think there is so much to learn and yes there is but just a few mins a day every day and you will start to get better and it will not be like a chore.

Listen to spanish music radio, films and videos in Spanish with the subtitles on all this will get it into your brain and it will start to sink it.

Find a Spanish friend, none near you well look online and just chat with them. many want to learn English so you can help each other. Theres nothing better than speaking Spanish to a Spanish person to help improve your Spanish.

People will tell you or you will see on social media that its hard to move to Spain now and you need loads of money or special papers. If its your dream then do it anyway. look for and find solutions rather than be put off by them, remember its your dream not theirs, they may be feeling put off but dont let them put you off following your dream.

An old friend of mine from work when i was working in the UK many years ago told me at my leaveing party that i would not last long in Spain its a very different country and life is hard there your soon be back. Life is hard anywhere now but its what you make it and the risks you take or actions you push yourself into taking that get results. This ex friend is still living in the uk doing the same old job and moaning about it as i am just finishing of my new dream house here in the sun.

Dont let others ever put you off.

So above i have given you some tips and ideas that helped me and hope you will try a few that may just put you on the right path or have given you some ideas of your own.

Remember I have a facebook group, blog, youtube channel, podcast show, mentor group and books all packed with info that you will need and most of this info is free to access even my books on some devices so it really is up to how much action you are willing to take to get out of your comfort zone and start living your own dream life in the sun. Remember once you get out of your comfort zone you realize that it was not really that comfortable after all.

If any of this has helped inspire you then please just leave a quick comment below thanks.

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  1. Thanks for your post David. You are right it’s a matter of priorities and taking action. I’m a bit of an interloper here as I’m actually an Aussie and not a Brit, so for me Brexit didn’t change anything, so seeing some Brits talk about how much harder it is now seems strange from my perspective. I also have some Canadian and US friends here (and of course lots of Spanish, Argentinian, Belgian, and Uruguayan friends as well) who are bemused by this as well. Learning the language is important and it takes time – some find it easier than others, but even a few words does help to do the shopping and there are services around that can help with you run into language or cultural barriers – like your Facebook group.


    1. Morning Michael
      I am reaching out to my new and long standing members.
      I have started a new website dedicated to members who really want to live and work in Spain.
      Loads of new benefits
      I will NOT be sharing my info in the Facebook groups anymore, it will now all be on my new site.
      No spam. no adverts, just all my new information and help plus personal help from my Experts.
      I want to give more value and more of my time to my members who have been with me some time or who really want this info and advice. I will be providing so much more in the coming weeks and want to give over the top value to my new members. I have so many new ideas coming to this group very soon.
      I hope you can come join us as its where I will be uploading all my new content from now on.
      I will be offering more personal help to my members see my new site here
      Regards David Wright


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