Who should you listen to

Facebook is full of experts giving advice and Moving to Spain groups have more than their fair share of experts all itching to tell you whats right and best, BUT who should you listen to?

One problem is that there are now many “experts” on Spain, telling you what to do, what you need and what its like in Spain But many of these people dont even live in Spain and haven’t even been through the process of moving to Spain yet.

They mostly mean well and have some interest in Spain but no real idea of what its really like to live in Spain only what they have seen or heard online.

Its easy to start a group blog or youtube channel now and gain a large following to share your information and ideas and that’s great but who are you really listening to? and what’s their advice worth?

Even with my 19 years of living and working in Spain i am still learning new stuff every day and dont class myself as an expert but in this time i have experienced more than most from a divorce, getting married here, buying and selling several properties and running a few businesses here.

So who should you listen to?

The groups and sites that i have set up are monitored very closely by my chosen admin team and we have some very knowledgeable and experienced members here that have been in Spain many years.

These are the people that you need to listen to and take their advice.

But remember, we are all different and even these experienced members have their own ideas of what’s best.

Whats best and right for them may not be right for you and your needs.

Look at these people and check them out. Where are they living and what do they do in Spain. Is it a place that you may like to live, are they retired or doing what you wish to do?

Try and find and follow the sort of people that are living a similar life style as you may wish to live.

Area is everything and we all like different parts of Spain for different reasons, so first think about areas you like and what you will be doing once living in Spain, then you can refine your search drastically and gain targeted info from these people who are not just doing what you want but in an area you like.

The key to getting it right first time round is research and info . But the right info from the right people. Make lists on everything and then refine these lists as you go on. Research first areas that take your fancy then look for and follow people in these areas and connect with them. I love it when people message me asking about where i live or what i do as i truly want others to go for their dreams and love to help.

People that are happy here and love their life here will also love to help and encourage others, Their experiences are valuable so take notes and add these details to your lists.

Lists are great as they keep your ideas and info that you gather and as you gain new tips you can change these lists and may even change your idea about a place you once thought was perfect for you.

So the next time you see a post online about a person sharing tips and advice about Spain. first look hard at their profile and see if they are who you really want to listen to. you may be getting gossip rather than valuable info.

Never give up on your dreams but finding the right people to help and encourage you will get you there faster.

What part of Spain interests you?

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