Moving To Spain is still possible

Many people ask me “is Moving To Spain is still possible?

Brexit has made things a lot harder to Move To Spain now and there are loads of new requirements you need to meet But yes it is still possible and yes there are ways you can move to Spain post Brexit.

Before Brexit the main hurdle for Brits wanting to move to Spain was proving that you had 5500 euros in a bank account in Spain, the uk or even funds of some sort to that amount.

I made this video with the British consulate here detailing the new requirements.

Now post Brexit the recommended amount has jumped to around 27k for the first family member and then about 7k for the second and third members. This still varies from area to area as always here in Spain and depends on who you get to do your paperwork but it is a significant amount more that is making it a lot harder for the average Brit wanting to Move to Spain.

There are a few other things that you will need as well like nie numbers residencia and the new TIE card.

Difficult? yes it is now . Impossible? NO not if you want it enough.

There will always be changes and new systems and requirements as there was 19 years ago when i wanted to move to Spain and back then there was not facebook and online help from others who had done it. Just a few hotel property shows where you could ask. Thats where i got my info from back then.

Reasons you think its hard now.

Money or lack of it.

What papers you need and where to get them all from

Health cover and insurances.

Work and jobs.

For all of these reasons there are solutions if you just look hard enough and are willing to adapt.

You will need to get out of your comfort zone and really make drastic plans that could be hard to start but how much do you really want it?

Money seems to be the main reason why people tell me that their dreams are ruined now or brexit or both. Its easy to blame everyone but yourself. Its all about the choices we make now that define how we live later. From the work you do the house you live in and the people you have in your life right now including most of your family .. its all choices that you have made.

Not happy with things as they are now? well its never to late to change things.

Retrain, down size house or rent. get a better job or 2 jobs. Sell all that shit you have acquired over the years that you down really need or use.

I sound hard right?

Well years ago when i was told by family and friends that i was a dreamer and i didnt have enough money to move to Spain i set out to prove them all wrong.

I worked 2 jobs and one was till 10pm 3 nights a week and most weekends i worked several hours.

I did research weekly and found and followed peoples advice who had moved to Spain and looked at what they did and how they did it.

I sold my house, went to spain for a holiday on a fact finding tour and looked up people and areas where i thought i would find work.

Many people that tell me their dreams have been ruined now havent even been to Spain. they do speak Spanish and are not even learning and have no idea of what work they will do or where to find it and what papers they need. They complain its all to hard and look for and find reasons and others to blame as thats easier than blaming themselves for not being able to do what they want to do.

Look every week even now British people are moving to Spain. they are finding work and they are living their dream life in Spain so if they can do it why cant you?

The excusses that you put in your head sound reasonable to you but remember others have had to find solutions to these problems and change their lives to make that move to Spain so you can do it even now if you really want it enough but the problem is that most just arnt hungry enough for it or just have no idea how they can do it.


I could tell you all the hurdles you will have to get over or how difficult it may be but i prefer to offer solutions tips and advice to help you make it happen.

Do more research then some more and then look for and find others who have done it and ask them how where and what they did. learn from others.

“If you want what others have you need to do what others do”

I have set up a facebook group with info and videos on what you need to do.

I have a blog videos and a podcast show where i interview guest that have done it and are living their dreams in Spain including finding work in Spain.

All this info is FREE for my members see links below.

Facebook group

Moving to Spain blog.

Davids 2 books on Amazon

Spain Podcast show

Our mentor group.

Moving to Spain youtube channel

All the info is here if you really want it so now stop chasing your dreams and run after them full speed till you get that dream life. Others are and so can you..It all depends on how much you want it.

How much do you really want it?

This Expat did it see how here..

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