The Spanish towns that will pay British expats to relocate there – with bonus for babies

Heres a copy of an article in the Express that a member sent me that mentions my name so i guess some are listening to me….

Spain is currently home to an estimated 285,000 Britons who choose to up sticks and relocate into the Mediterranean sunshine. While moving abroad can be an expensive feat, it turns out there are some destinations in Spain that are particularly keen to attract new residents.

In fact, according to ExpatNetwork, there are two towns in particular that are willing to reward those who move there with cash.

According to the experts, Spain’s rapid transformation in the late 20th century is largely to thank for these kinds of initiatives.

As many traditional villages began to empty out, with citizens departing for the big city, homes and businesses were left abandoned.

Ponga in Asturias is one such village.

Located in northwestern Spain, ExpatNetwork list this town as offering €3,000 (approximately £2,574) to new families in order to help them settle in.

What’s more, the town even provides a bonus for those who have babies while living there.

According to the expert insight, an additional €3,000 (£2,574) is awarded for every new baby born.

Another is the town of Rubiá, nestled in the mountains of Galicia.

ExpatNetwork revealed that his local township will offer to supplement the income of new residents with an additional €100-€150 (approximately £85-£128) per month.

The perk of moving to a smaller town, according to the experts, is that the cost of living is often far cheaper.

House prices are said to be noticeably lower than those in the bustling metropolises of Spain.

For those eyeing a move to Spain in the near future, there are a number of new hoops to jump through in order to gain residency.

This is largely related to the fact the UK is now no longer a European Union state.

Yet according to one Spanish expat, this should not put Britons off making the leap.

Speaking on his podcast Moving to Spain with David Wright, the British expat turned podcast host reveals he thinks the “perfect time” to relocate is right now.

“There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment what with Brexit, travel restrictions and the virus and the uncertainty fit all,” he said.

While Mr Wright says he acknowledges people’s “fears and anxieties” over ongoing rules and restrictions, he does not believe it should put people off chasing their dreams.

“There are problems with moving to Spain and difficulties associated with such a move,” pointed out Mr Wright.

“There always has been and there always will be.

“These difficulties and problems will change and continue to change every year.

“We all have dreams and desires of what we want and how we want to live our lives and things we wish we could do.”What’s more, the town even provides a bonus for those who have babies while living there.

read the full Express article here

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British expats in Spain

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