We make our own luck

Facebook sent me a reminder today of where i use to live and thats what prompted me to write this post.

Below are 2 pictures. The first is where i lived just 3 years ago in an apartment with my wife and the second my new dream house i built with my wife that is beyond our dreams.

view from my old apartment terrace

We lived in the apartment for 7 years and it was great right up till the last 2 years when people started renting out their places and we had some selfish people that didnt follow the rules and used the communal pool till all hours for drunken parties. Neighbours were also noisy and lots of little things started to get us down.

We wanted to move and started looking but just didn’t have enough money for what we wanted.

As a joke i told my wife that i could build a house for the prices that we were looking at. I have been in the building industry all my life and run a few renovation businesses here over my 18 years here. To my surprize my wife said ” well lets do it then, we will build our own house”

After several weeks planning and thinking about it we started to look for land and research all building costs.

Those who have followed me over the years here will know the long storey and we found a plot of land and have almost finished building our dream 4 bed house with large gardens and pool.

The point of this post is to say that back then we thought we were happy and we were for a time but things changed fast and our lovely apartment was no longer where we wanted to be.

We had no real idea how we could get out of it and how we could every have our dream home here.

Trust me i do know frustrating as i lived it every day for several months.

We did it anyway.

Anything is possible if you want it enough.

Dont get me wrong it has been very stressful and we have had to find solutions to many problems that probably would put most off.

I guess thats why most people are NOT living in their dream home right now.

Its not luck, i think we all make our own luck and there really is nothing that you cant do if you have the desire and take daily action to get you where you want to be.

Now i dont worry about the pool hours i need to follow or who will be in my pool as its all mine and we can swim in it any time of day or night we like and also have just 2 neighbours who are very respectable friendly people who we get on well with even though we don’t really see much of them as we are now sort of in our own little world.

Money. can be made and found, problems can be overcome and solutions are there if you look hard enough. Taking action and making lists really helps keep you on Track and if you don’t give up then your dreams have to come true in time.

Most people think that money is the most important thing in the world and thats what most of us spend most of our lives chasing but its TIME thats way more valuable. Time is running out for all of us and if you dont run after your dreams and do everything you can every day to make them a reality then you will be like most people and lead a normal comfortable life but always deep down be thinking about what if.

Pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone is hard but its something that you need to do if you really want that dream life.

Manana i have a few good friends coming over for a pool party and bbq on my new bbq i just made next to the pool. Just 3 years ago i could not do that and how things have changed in such a short time really.

I am no different to most people just an ordinary Carpenter and builder who has taken some risks and taken a lot of action to get where i am now.

If i can do it then so can anyone.

Are you living your dream life now or are you planning it right now? lets see what your dream is.

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