Move To Spain, proved them wrong.

I proved them wrong again.

When someone tells you that you can’t do something it can be a great feeling when you prove them wrong but after the feeling of being on the high ground you realise that it didn’t really matter what they said.

I remember 20 years ago when I told my work mates that I was thinking about moving to Spain and they laughed and said I was dreaming.

I remember when at my leaving party some friends and even a few family members said that I would be back in a few years.

That was 20 years ago and I am still here and they are still there.

I remember when people told me there was no work in Spain for British people and how hard it would be to start a business in Spain.

I did it anyway and started 2 businesses here and employed people.

I remember when in the crises here several years ago the estate agents said my house was not worth what I paid for it and that nobody was buying. I sold it anyway.

I remember when 3 banks turned me down for mortgages saying I couldn’t buy a plot of land and build my dream house.

This week I am swimming in my new pool in the large garden of my new house that I built. Because I did it anyway.

Social media and the tv channels all love highlighting the negatives and the doom and gloom stories showing the troubles around the world and this if you immerse yourself in it will bring you down and destroy your dreams.

There is never a right time to do anything and waiting for the right time is just wasting time. The right time to do anything is always now.

What every your dream is you owe it to yourself and family to put all your effort into it now. Start now even if its in a very small way like just finding out some info on how or what you need to do.

People will try and put you off and highlight the problems and difficulties but there are hurdles to get over in almost everything we do and if its what you really want then there is a way to have it all and if you just don’t give up, in time you will have what you want.

When I embarked on my adventure of building my dream house I did have some experience in the building industry but I had never bought a plot of land and built a new house before.

That didn’t stop me though as I did a lot of research and searched for and found others who had done what I wanted to do and I followed them and what they did. I learned from them and continued to refine my gathering of info until I had all that I needed.

After spending 2 years building my house here almost single handily I find myself looking back at when I first thought about moving to Spain and how hard I thought it was going to be.

It was not easy and as straight forward for me even back then, even before Brexit and the virus as there was many things I needed to get sorted out, one being lack of money.

I see people now say how its their dream to move to Spain and how lucky the ones who are here now are.

I see members say that they wished they could move to Spain but its just not possible with all the changes now.

Guys its not luck. Luck is winning the lottery. It takes hard work and daily action for a long time with no real results before you start seeing even the light at the end of the tunnel but if its really your dream to Move to Spain then it is possible and you can do it faster than you think if you really want it enough.

All the excuses you have like money, work or meeting the new requirements are all the excuses that you put out there and they can all be overcome. There are infinite ways you can earn more money now and at this time in history its never been easier to generate a new income or earn extra money if you really want to. Opportunities to retrain and learn new skills are everywhere for those who take action.

Although social media is full of the moaners and people that love to tell you how hard life is, there is also loads of sites, pages and people who will help and encourage you to find the right info and resources that you need to find the solutions to your problems , most of this info and help is free if you look for it.

The key is to find and follow people who have done what it is that you want to do. See what and how they did it and copy them. Connect with them and get encouragement from them. They will love to help and encourage you because people who have followed and achieved their dream life here in Spain want to help and encourage others.

Stop listening to those who say its hard or that you cant do that and start listening to those who are doing it.

They say your life is like or similar to the 5 closest friends or people that you have in your life right now. Maybe its time you made some new friends or at least started looking for them.

Follow my youtube channel for all the latest news for expats…

Don’t be put off by people saying you cant do that, remember its your dream not theirs and most that say its too hard are really the ones who are happy in their comfort zone and don’t like to take risks and you will need to get out of your comfort zone and take a few risks to make your dreams come true.

Remember once you get out of your comfort zone you will see it was not really that comfortable after all.

Make a list of what you think you need to have and do to follow your dream. What papers you need the money you need and things like that. Write it all down then go start researching it and refine your list to make it more focused. The more you research it the more new things that will pop up that you never thought about and the more you will learn.

This is all info that will get you where you want to be and taking action daily on this info is how you make dreams come true.

Have you made a list yet?

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