It’s only impossible if you say it is

Guys I do get angry when people say “You are so lucky” or they say “It’s impossible to move to Spain now because of the virus or Brexit”.

There are hundreds of people still moving to Spain every week even now post Brexit and with the Virus, they may just be waiting a few more weeks but they are all set to be on the next plane as soon as they are allowed.

Are they lucky? Was it just luck that they can do it and not anyone else. NO, they took the action they took risks and they found solutions to problems that most don’t even bother to try to find as they are comfortable in their comfort zone.

Of course its harder now and there’s more restrictions but nothing is impossible unless you think it is. below i have interviewed another member here who has found work in Spain. you need to hear what he says.

Just look at these people who are moving here now. Many of them are members here in this group. They have kids, they have homes to sell and new homes to buy and tonnes of new paperwork to get through all in a new language that most don’t even speak but they did it anyway.

When I wanted to move here I didn’t have enough money to buy the property I wanted here in Spain so I worked 6 days a week for 6 months before I came here at 2 different jobs one till 10pm at night 3 nights a week just to save the extra money, then I sold just about everything I owned to move here, Then I worked for free for a few weeks and then on a very low wage for months just to get a foot in the door.

Now after 18 years here I have a nice new house that is almost finished that I built myself almost single handily all 12,000 bricks. I slept in my garage with a bucket and cold water as a shower. Really sounds crazy now but its true and I have photos on my house build site showing it. I worked and still work 7 days a week all day and do you know what? I love it why.. Because I am working on my dream life and now after 3 years its almost there.

Next week I will be posting loads of photos of me in my new swimming pool with swim up pool bar having a cold beer and you know what? None of it was luck it was all very hard work.

If its really your dream to move to Spain then you should never let anything stop you. You owe it to yourself to live the best life you can as time is the most important thing we have and its running out fast for all of us.

If you look around you right now at where you live and what you have in your life its all what YOU chose. You chose the house car and work that you do, you chose the kids and family you have and you can choose to have better for you and your family if you really want it.

Its very easy to take the easy road and be comfortable. Hell I was comfortable in the uk for years but its not until you get out of your comfortable zone that you realize it was not that comfortable really.

So its your dream to move to Spain.

 Well sell your shit. Sell that stupid tv and all the stuff you think you need and change the way you live to get what you want. If it really is your dream then you will do anything to get it.

I bet that almost everyone that has moved to Spain has had to make sacrifices and sell stuff and make some hard decisions. If it was easy trust me most of the uk would be on the next plane out here and I think there are many thousands thinking about it right now.

Look I am just an ordinary carpenter from Brighton in the uk who left school with no qualifications at all and struggled for years with dyslexia and if I can do it then so can anyone.

I didn’t speak Spanish then and had no job and needed more money so I learned Spanish found a better job and made more money.

I have interviewed several members here that have moved here even in the last few months and they have chatted about what they did and how they did it. Later today I am interviewing yet another member here who has not only moved here but has set up a business here and is now living his dream here. Look out for the link to listen in on what he did.

Stop moaning or blaming Brexit or the virus and start looking for solutions. There’s always going to be reasons why you cant or shouldn’t move to Spain but if its really your dream to move to Spain then find a way. Others are doing it now and so can you.

Remember its not luck that makes dreams come true is hard work and action taking.

Now listen to Ian another one of our Members here who has not only moved to Spain but found work here in Spain and doing great… listen here how he did it..

How to find work in Spain and moving to Spain top tips..

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