Dont panic Spain wants the British here.

Loads of fake news going around on social media as always but this should put your mind at rest.

The Spanish government has no plans to find and expel UK citizens ‘who have made this country their home,

The embassy quotes a Spanish Ministry of Inclusion spokesperson as saying that “the Spanish government has no plans to deport British citizens who have made Spain their home.”

“The Spanish government is working to provide maximum legal certainty for British citizens resident in Spain. Throughout the negotiations, the issue of citizens’ rights has been, and remains, one of the main priorities. Spain is the country of residence of the largest community of UK nationals in the EU,” added this ministry source.


The embassy also adds that “if you are trying to become resident and are in the process of registering or appealing against your application having been rejected, the 90-day rule does not apply to you.”

“Their rights are protected by the Withdrawal Agreement, whether or not they have registered for residency,” notes the embassy. “Anyone who has not yet done so, should register for residency and apply for a TIE [foreign national identity card] which can be used to evidence their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. Previous versions of this document, also known as the ‘green residency document,’ remain valid. More than 360,000 UK nationals in Spain have already registered.”

As for Britons arriving in Spain after the transitional period, from January 1, 2021, they will fall under the general immigration regulations. Read source here

Now get your papers in order Have you got your TIE card yet?

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The very latest on residencia need to hear this..

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