Spanish bureaucracy Meet Mr jobs worth

Everyone who follows my knows i Love Spain and Hate the Spanish bureaucracy but today i have seen it all.

So as most know i am building a new 4 bed house here almost single headedly, “my wife is mixing the cement”. lol.

Many people say they have built a house but i really have laid every brick all 10850 of them and still counting.

In the last 2 years i have come across some crazy rules and regulations and unbelievable bureaucracy here but today have met a guy who has toped it all.

So here goes…..

The water board sent up a guy 5 months ago to check the water connection to the street and said that there were a few things that needed to correct. He complained that the street tap or cut off vale that was in the box on the wall was too low it was 68cm from the ground and needed to be 70cm. to change this i had to rebuild the front wall and fit a new box to the wall and new pipe work taking about 4 days. Then we had to make a new appointment to get him to come back and check.

If you remember i posted about this a few weeks back. we phoned them to make an appointment but the girl on the phone said we need to come into the office and make the appointment in person. To do that we need to make an appointment over the phone. Are you seeing how crazy this is already?

anyway we made an appointment to go and make an appointment 2 weeks ago and today the guy came. They are meant to call to say when he is coming. No call..

So Mr jobs worth turned up and looked at the new box. all ok but he also opened up the street man hole cover and said that the pipe in the street was dirty. Now this is a new house build and the pipe is only 1 year old that the council put in. Nothing to do with us. He said we need to clean the inside of the pipe. This is a pipe that takes away dirty rain water. I thought he was joking and i said that its dirty rain water and that the pipe is clean as its not rained here for 3 weeks.

You still need to clean the inside of the pipe he said and took out his camera and started taking photos. Call to make another appointment when you cleaned it he said..

If i clean the inside of the pipe now it may be dirty again by the time he comes back.

Have you every heard anything so stupid as this..heres the video on this..

I love Spain and love living here but these jobs worth idiots are holding back the country, any logical person would know that as soon as it rains the inside of the pipe will be dirty again.

You cant argue with these idiots as they need to feel superior because they know you need this paper to complete the house build..

I am still trying to calm down so tell me your crazy Spanish bureaucracy storey and make me feel better…

All my house build videos here….

Expats in spain discount page..

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