I Hope this will inspire you

We all have or faults and problems to deal with in life but Never let anyone tell you you cant do something, remember its Your dream Not theirs.

When i was in primary school i had trouble learning the way others did and I hated school. I didnt know it at that time nor did most of my teachers but i later found out that i Had dyslexia, words and spelling were very hard for me and still are. Thank god for spell check and siri.

One English teacher told me i would never get a good job or do well in life if i couldn’t spell properly. She made me feel very bad about myself and left a lasting impression on me. In secondary school i also found it hard, although i was good at maths.

A head teacher saw this and invited my to join the chess team and taught me a lot and really encouraged me. I later became position number 2 in the school chess team out of 6 team members and represented my school in local inter school competitions .

I left school with no qualifications at all but loved working with wood so got a job as a cabinet makers apprentice and after 5 years of training became a full time cabinet maker. I also joined a karate club that was very traditional and run by a very hard traditionalist who would only speak in the class in Japanese. The classes and exams were all dont in Japonese so when i achieved my Black belt 4 and a half years later it was a proud moment. I later went on to become a full time karate instructor for 6 years and ran 2 clubs in Brighton. Not bad for a dyslexic kid.

I still often get remarks in the group about my spelling even though i do try hard. Typing in English with a spanish computer set up in Spanish and with spell check on in English can be challenging even for me with all modern technology but i think i get over my point.

Even with dyslexia i have managed to write and publish 3 books on Amazon and kindle and run several websites and blogs. I speak Spanish pretty well now even on the phone and have managed to get jobs in Spain with Spanish companies and run my own business here so i guess now my old English teacher may have to eat her words.

It can be disheartening when people put you down or try to ridicule your plans and dreams. For me i love it when someone says “you can do that”, That just makes me want to do it even more.

I see some members have ideas of what they want to do in Spain and where they want to go and others just looking for info on how they can move to Spain.

I am always trying to be realistic with my advice with all thats happening in the world right now but NOTHING is impossible and if you want to move to Spain thats not that big of a dream really and easy to do if you really want it enough.

About 5 years ago i had a dream to go to Bora Bora on a holiday, a 3 week trip of a life time.

Now Bora Bora is in the middle of the south pacific in the middle of nowhere 5 lone plane flights just to get there and all my family and friends said we were crazy. It also came with a price tag of 18,000 euros.

I wanted to stay in an over water bungalow that i had seen on tv and these in Bora Bora are 900 dollars a night. I didnt really know how i was going to save the money but 2 years of planning and really hard saving my wife and i did it . see below.

There are options and ways to get what you want in life even when others tell you its not easy.

If it was easy then everyone would be living their dream life now, but the truth is most dont because they are put off by others and have it in their own heads that its just to hard and settle for that easy life rather than live their dream life.

Risky ? yes following your dreams is risky but then so is crossing the road.

In the group and on all my sites i always try and encourage others to just go for it. I do know its not easy and we all have different hurdles to get over but life is so short and personally i feel it way better to encourage others to go for it and do what they want even if it seems impossible.

My Facebook group was set up for this reason, to connect other like minded people who have valuable info on how and where to move to Spain and what life in Spain is really like. if you take just some of their tips and advice it will help you stay on track to accomplish what it is you dream of.

I try to avoid the people that join us in the group who post how hard or difficult it is to do. We had another one yesturday saying how hard life is here. Not because they are wrong. some times they are right but we need more members who encourage others not put them off.

So dont be put off by what you read or what others sometimes say. Look for and follow those who are leading the sort of life you want and just ask them questions as they will always be happy to encourage you the same as those who think its impossible ask them and they will be just as happy to tell you how hard life is.

You choose who to follow but remember its your dream so choose carefully and never stop chasing that dream.

Nothing is impossible unless you really believe it is.

Stop blaming Brexit or the virus for not being able to follow your dreams. Its harder now but thats life.

There are options to live in Spain. if you say its the money thats stopping you then sell some shit down size your home, get a better job, retrain learn new skills. find a way. Others do.

If you really want to live in Spain then theres no resaon other than the reasons you put in your head. Money brexit virus, these are the most popular excuses but the virus restrictions will ease and brexit is sorting itself out in time and money can be earned. You just need to make a plan and take action. Getting out of our comfort zone is the hardest step to getting what you need.

Every week i see people say they now cant ever move to Spain and every week i see others do just that. they find work here they earn money here and they buy property here so why cant you?

Each week i interview people who do it they find a way so take on their advice if its really your dream..

I am just a normal carpenter from the uk who had a dream and went for it. if i can do it then so can anyone.

The latest interview with a member who moved here and found a job in Spain…

Heres another one of our members who has found work in Spain have a listen below..


    1. Morning Martin
      I am reaching out to my new and long standing members.
      I have started a new website dedicated to members who really want to live and work in Spain.
      Loads of new benefits
      I will NOT be sharing my info in the Facebook groups anymore, it will now all be on my new site.
      No spam. no adverts, just all my new information and help plus personal help from my Experts.
      I want to give more value and more of my time to my members who have been with me some time or who really want this info and advice. I will be providing so much more in the coming weeks and want to give over the top value to my new members. I have so many new ideas coming to this group very soon.
      I hope you can come join us as its where I will be uploading all my new content from now on.
      I will be offering more personal help to my members see my new site here
      Regards David Wright


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